Paris_Notre_Dame Cathedral Paris, France
Paris_Notre_Dame Cathedral Paris, France

Unusual Things to Do in Paris


Streets, shops, tourist’s spots and also cafes and restaurants in Paris are flooded with people every time. Paris has now become a city that is always occupied all most all the time of the year. On the other hand, every corners and street of this city have been photographed and shared millions of times in the social platforms. These were the nerve-racking and mind-boggling thoughts I had gone through while I decided to visit Paris for the second time.

I wanted to visit Paris but not in the same places again and again. And then I thought of trying something new. Trying things that were unusual, different and out of the box. I traveled to Paris but this time in a different way. Yes, I visited this “city of stars” of the “La La Land” but from a different angle.

Here are the things that l on my visit to Paris. 


Explore The Less Common Lands

People were rushing to reach to the Eiffel tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral  but I choose to take the off beaten track and turned towards Marais Neighborhood. The streets were less crowded and quieter. There were several boutique shops and many street vendors selling beautiful art pieces that you can bring back home as a memory.

Whereas, I did the same as well. If you think that this is the only road that is less filled with people, then you are wrong. The city of Paris even has five isolated villages that tourists have never heard of. You must have visited places which are on the trending list but sometimes try on going somewhere which is less traveled.


Go to The Old Parisian Museum 

You must have surely visited the Louvre and this museum has the finest artifacts. But try something new the next time you visit Paris. As I wanted to avoid messy crowds so I decided to dive into some amazing old collection of artifacts in a Parisian museum. Out of the blue, I found there – realistic wax figures, medical instruments that seemed to me like the once used in horror movies and the earliest models of airplanes.

If you want to experience something of this kind, then all you need to do is head towards the Musee Grevin. The collections of artifacts in this museum will either make you jump with delight or leave you in terror. Visit this museum the next time and experience for yourself a different essence of Paris.


Take A Boat Tour

common activity tour You must be thinking of what is so unusual about taking a boat tour. However, the boat tour is a mist love doing in Paris. Yes, taking a boat tour is unusual here because it is not the  Seine River that I am talking about.

Most of the visitor tends to take a boat tour on the Seine river and they love this as well. But for a change take a tour om the canals and the waterways. By doing this you can explore the Marne River where very fewer people think of visiting. The famous painters were inspired and overwhelmed by the beauty of these places and made mesmerizing masterpieces.


Why Not Try St. Denis Basilica?

If you have already been to Paris, then you should have visited Versailles, then why visit it again? This was my thought when I visited Paris for the second time. As I researched more about Paris, I discovered that there is a medieval village out of the city and I traveled to it.

This village is just one hour from Paris and there I found St. Denis Basilica. This is a pilgrimage site and burial place of many kings and queens. What attracted me most about this place is its beauty and the gothic style architecture. So the next time you visit Paris, try to visit this ancient place that other tourists have not heard about.


Dine but Not In Any Restaurant

The restaurants and cafes are always packed with people, I am someone who loves to have my dinner in a merry environment and I think so do you. If you are someone like me then move out of the common tourist restaurants and dine with local hosts. Yes, you can now dine out at somebody’s place and they will welcome you will a merry face.

Local hosts such as Jim Haynes offer dinners and lunch at their place for tourist who loves having homemade food. You can relish the taste of traditional French meals with amazing conversations and wonderful people. Therefore, cut out the extra cost of having your meal at the restaurants and head on to Parisian host’s home.


Let Dive into The Dark

This city of love and light has always attracted me by its beauty and mind-blowing monument but little did I know that there was a dark history stored underneath. As I tried to unveil the other side of Paris, I came to a realization that this shining city has a dark history.

While you dwell into these unique sites and places you will find that the awful events in history have even played a major role in shaping the city into what it is today. Paris is not only the outcome of dreams but it is even the outcome of nightmares too.


Go and Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Boat rides are very common in Paris and most of the tourist prefer doing this as the first activity. But why go as the flow, let’s try something strange. Head towards Andre Citroen Park and take a balloon ride for a lifetime experience.

It is the biggest hot air balloon not only in Paris but also in the world. So think about viewing the magnificent city from the above. It will be a wonderful experience to take home with you. So don’t miss relishing this unusual moment in Paris.