If you have never been to North Dakota, then you are missing out on a beautiful travel experience. In fact, after learning more about what you can see and do in North Dakota, you might even want to make it your next vacation destination.

The Places

There are many unique things to see in North Dakota. You can hike for miles in the Badlands, which are part of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Stop at Maltese Cross Ranch Cabin to see how the first visitors lived before continuing to Painted Canyon. The small town of Medora will give you a taste of authentic Old West. Stop at the National Buffalo Museum to view the albino buffalo along with touring a pioneer village. See an earth lodge, and learn more about the culture of the First People who call North Dakota home. Participate in an art workshop at the Plains Art Museum. See the Custer House at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. Lake Sakakawea is a great place to go fishing for record-setting walleye.

The People

A popular misconception is that the people of North Dakota do not want to be friendly to strangers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Travel companies boast about the local experiences in North Dakota. While other states may talk about being a melting pot, early settlers in North Dakota came from many different locations, and they were determined to work together to make a better life. Bismark, North Dakota, is named after a German who came to North Dakota after first moving to Russia. Ellendale was settled in 1883 by people from Finland. Between 1895 and 1902, many people moved to the Red River Valley of North Dakota from Scandinavia to operate farms. There were also many Native Americans living in North Dakota. Many of the people who call North Dakota home today are ancestors of those early settlers, and they want to show you why they never left.

The Food

There are many great foods that you need to try during your North Dakota vacation. Each of the different culture groups brought their own cooking style with them. Then, they learned to live off the land. You are in for a tasty delight when you eat fresh walleye caught in the local lakes. The German-Russians introduced fleischkuekle, meat pies, and you need to try them when you visit Bismark. You will also want to try the Indian fry bread.

There is plenty to see and do in North Dakota. When you choose to go, you will be warmly welcomed.

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