My journey traveling to the Floating City of Venice Venice Italy, this famous city is the Floating City of Venice, Italy’s major tourist destination.
Venice Italy, this famous city is the Floating City of Venice, Italy’s major tourist destination.

My journey to the Floating City of Venice


Floating city! That was my reaction when Nick informed that she is planning her visit. To end my curiosity, Nick informed me that we are going to visit a city in Italy completely submerged inside water. I still could not believe how such a wonder could exist on this earth. Nick told me that this famous city is the Floating City of Venice, Italy’s major tourist destination. I was really spellbound and can’t hold my excitement for Venice Backpacking. I got so much curious that I pulled out my laptop and putting it on my lap, started endless research. There were hundreds of breathtaking pictures about this floating city. I saw a flowing canal and elegant buildings on both sides. I also saw pictures of long tail boats sailing lazily on the channel. These photographic pictures all of a sudden became live in front of my eyes. However, the question still remained in my mind, why Venice is called the Sinking City?


My Venice Backpacking was recent, and memories are fresh. I count Venice among the top places in the world where people like to tour and travel. When I flash back into memories about my Venice Backpacking, it takes me to the most romantic moments of my life. Yes, that was my first intake from Venice, as the most Romantic City. I like reading old English plays and dramas. My favourite play writer remains William Shakespeare. I recollected the memories that I read, The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare’s most famous romantic Drama based on Venice. I never thought I would have the legacy of visiting and experiencing this great city full of wonders. Well, all credits go to Nick for his suggestion and research which made me feel excited.

We started out Bone Voyage for Venice and reached the great city with certain expectations. What we received in return is beyond any vocabulary to describe. Our first point of surprise was…

* Venice doesn’t have any roads, it is all waterways.

 * There are no cars running inside the city, therefore noise and air pollution are not there.

*  Travel along waterways on a long tail boat or Gondola.

*  The city’s population is half than the visiting tourists, and it is a fact.

*  Venice is sinking under water and the Floating city Name is correct.

Having said so, we were filled with a thrill and jumped into a boat taking the Gondola ride through the Grand Canals. This ride was through the waterways of the Grand Canal that separated the city into two halves. The Gondola through the Grand Canal is the most romantic experience I ever have had in my life. As the boat started to sail slowly, we saw on both side of the canal, majestic buildings. All these 16th-century buildings narrate their own tale of history. Few remarkable buildings are – Santa Maria Della Salute, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Corner della Ca’ Grande, Ca’ Foscari, Rialto Bridge, Ca’ Pesaro, and the Natural History Museum.

Our Venice backpacking was planned along with visiting other cities in Italy. We left Venice with golden memories and thankful to Nick for such a brilliant suggestion. Venice, therefore, remains a true wonder to the world.