taxi-in-bangkok Image!
taxi-in-bangkok Image! Make sure their meter is on so you do not get overcharged!

Mistakes All Travelers Do in Thailand


Thailand, the gateway to South Asia is a perfect holiday destination. It is not only a country that is rich in culture but you will even be mesmerized by the beauty it holds. It is a unique and fun place to travel only by spending a lesser proportion of your fortune. And in addition to that, you will even be welcomed by kind and friendly people.

But every itinerary consists of ups and downs and so does the trip to Thailand. If you are a first-time traveler, you might face challenges and commit mistakes. However, you do not have to worry any longer as this article is all about the mistakes that traveler do in their trip to Thailand.


Come on, let us learn from the mistakes!!


Mistake Number 1

Spending Behind Taxis:

When you are in popular cities of Thailand, for instance, Bangkok, you will mostly end up using taxis to travel from one point to another point of the city. Yes, it seems quite convenient and simple as well. But here is the first mistake that you commit.

The taxi drivers are well aware of this tendency of traveler and charge triple the standard price. They know that your idea about the city is confined and convincing you will be the easiest task.

Don’t fall into these traps and think wisely before you book a taxi. Go for taxis that have their electronic meters on and working. It is a government regulation that every taxi driver must charge according to the meter.

But taxi drivers don’t usually do this for the reason of scamming foreigners. A ride of one meter will cost you 35 baht and you will not have to pay more than 100 baht to get to your desired destination within the city. However, if a taxi driver charges more than 100 baht then politely refuse and proceed for another taxi.


Thailand Street food!
Thailand Street food! One of the Best food to try and eat!

Mistake Number 2

Ignoring Street Food:

One of the most amazing thing in Thailand is street food. They are the authentic and pure thai food that you can get in Thailand. But there are travelers who prefer not to indulge themselves in the taste of street food. The most common thought that strikes their mind is unhygienic items. This is not true when it comes to Thailand. You don’t have to worry about getting sick as the food stall sellers prepare them with utmost care. They maintain the matter of hygiene and you will never find them compromising with it.

Yes, you can try out restaurants but dishes there lack the unique ingredient that makes Thai food mouthwatering. On the other hand, street foods are cheap so you don’t have to rip off your pockets to have a meal. Starting from chicken to pancakes, you will find everything in the street food stalls. So indulge in these authentic dishes and don’t commit the mistake of ignoring street food.


Mistake Number 3

Not Bargaining:

We have been always told “don’t settle for less” and I think traveler visiting Thailand have taken this matter very seriously. But this saying can be phrased in the opposite manner (don’t settle for more) when it comes to shopping in Thailand.

The most common mistake traveler do is they don’t bargain. Mostly the people of Thailand don’t believe in the notion of “fixed price” and “price tags”. They always go for haggling and in the end get the desired item in a reasonable place.

So, my traveler, you should even be like them. As the taxi drivers, even the shop merchants charge tourist more than the standard price. This act of haggling might seem to you nerve wreaking the very first time but it will gradually become very interesting.

Keep in mind that don’t ever get rude with the merchants as that will bring you no good. Rather deal with them with a smiling face which will make your work very easy. Choose a product and ask for the price and if it does not match your budget start haggling. In most of the cases, the merchants end up selling the product to you and if not then you will surely have many other shops to check out.

Mistake Number 4

Thinking That Thailand Is All About Phuket

If you think that your 2 to 3 weeks trip to Thailand will only be about phuket, then I would suggest you think it over again. Most of the traveler only fly to Phuket and fly back again which is a big mistake.

Phuket is undoubtedly a mesmerizing place but it is not everything that Thailand holds. There are a plethora of things that you need to explore when you are in Thailand.

If you are a first-time traveler to Thailand, Phuket is a good option to start from but don’t settle down yourself there for the rest of the journey. Go to the less traveled lands of Thailand and find the pure aura and essence of Thailand’s culture.

Destinations like Krabi, Pai, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya are some of the exotic beaches where you can spend a reasonable amount of time. Make your trip in Thailand adventurous relishing both in the countryside and urban areas and not by nailing yourself in a fixed location.


Mistake Number 5

Overloaded Bags

Bangkok is an inevitable part of Thailand and to most tourist Bangkok means shopping. So now you can imagine how your luggage would look like if you pack unreasonably. This is another mistake that travelers do on their trip to Thailand, they pack more than they should.

Keep in mind that you are going to return home from your trip with more than you have. There are so many shopping malls, small stalls and street side shops where you will surely end up spending your baht.

However, Thailand is well known for its vibrant products so be sure to be lured away every now and then. Therefore, carry items that are necessary and don’t overload your bags at the very beginning.