Maui Hawaii Image, Just a Birds eye view!
Maui Hawaii Image, Just a Birds eye view!

Maui Travel Planner


Maui, a pleasant destination in Hawaii that is renowned for many things, its ambiance, its beauty, its surreal beaches, landmarks, waterfalls, gardens, and its history. It is a picture-perfect destination with the best blend of serenity and beauty. Maui is a great destination for travelers who love adventure and beauty. This place has everything that a traveler awaits to explore. The Maui Trip planner will help you in making your itinerary easy and interesting.


How to Use This Planner

This is an amazing and easy trip planner for first-time visitors to Maui. This planner is a complete travel guide with interesting things to do and places to visit. Travelers can even create a planner of their own by using the recommendations listed here.

We have even provided a checklist for users with a different option. Moreover, in this way you can select different and based on your selection, we will personalize the itinerary for you. Lastly, we will send you the itinerary via email.

How to Use A Planner? 

1. Choose the number of days for the trip

2. Open the trip planner checklist form

3. Choose the things that you are interested to do

4. Submit the form and get your customized trip plan


When to Go?

You can visit Maui all year long. There is no best and worst time to visit. Moreover, it always depends upon the visitors. If you want to enjoy the warm Hawaiian climate then winter is the perfect season for Maui family vacation. On the other hand, if you want to relish some humid and beautiful time at the beach then nothing can beat the summer season.

Moreover, if you are on a budget trip, then our recommendation to visit during the low season. It is during the low season when accommodations and various activities offer huge discounts. You can easily avail better prices on airfares and car rentals as well.

On the other side, the high season or the holiday season is the busiest season of the year. The prices of accommodation and airfares are even on the peaks during those times.

Low Season:

1. Early January- a couple of weeks after the New Year

2. Spring- late April to early June

3. Fall- late August to mid-December


High Season:

1. Winter- mid-January to mid-April

2. Summer- mid-June to mid-August

3. The holiday season- December 20 to January 4


Where to Stay?

Upcountry Maui: Kula, Makawao

This is a perfect location to stay for travelers who are looking for serenity and peace. There are even a few botanical gardens, beautiful view, and country vibe. There are some exclusive hotels as well where you can have a pleasant stay.

North Maui: Paia, Haiku

This place is the best pick for nature lovers. If you are fond of cool breeze and lush tropical scenery then north Maui is the best location to stay. There are many condo rentals and cottages to stay. On the other hand, the beaches are amazing there. On the other hand, you will even find a local restaurant with the best foods.

East Maui: Hana 

If you want to experience the remote beauty of Maui then nothing can be better than Hana. While people spend very less time in this place but you can completely turn this opinion down. It is not just a beautiful place rather it is even relaxing and peaceful as well. East Maui offers resorts, outdoor camping, and even cozy B&Bs.


Day Trip Options

•  Trip to Hana:

Hana, Maui, Hawaii Birds Eye View
Hana, Maui, Hawaii Birds Eye View

If you want to explore the excellent view of Maui coastline then you must surely take a drive to Hana. On your trip, you will find a scenic highway, where you can witness lush rainforest and amazing waterfalls. Moreover, you should be an excellent driver in order to drive on this highway as there are hairpin turns. Despite all the pressure and hype, this trip is perfect for the adventure lovers.

•  Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii
Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii

It is the most popular coastline in Maui. This beach stretches across three miles and offers plenty of space to sunbathe and surf. Kaanapali beach area features many hotels, restaurants, and resorts. It even has two golf courses and the Whalers Village open-air shopping center.

•  Haleakala National Park

USA, Hawaii, Maui, Haleakala National Park, This is Just parts of it!
USA, Hawaii, Maui, Haleakala National Park, This is Just parts of it!

This national park is very famous amid tourists and around a million tourists travel avail this trip. Haleakala national park is the home to the world’s largest dormant volcano. On the other hand, the entire park covers 30,000 acres of land. you can spend a whole day exploring this interesting part of nature.

•  The Seven Sacred Pools

The Seven Sacred Pools, Maui, Hawaii getting ready to jump into!
The Seven Sacred Pools, Maui, Hawaii getting ready to jump into!

If you want to witness the most amazing waterfall in Maui then head towards the seven sacred pools. This wonderful waterfall and pool are covered with lush green forest that leads out into the ocean. Moreover, this pool has long been considered one of the wonders of the world. No matter if you love to swim or not, it is still a wonderful sight to visit.

•  Malauka Beach

Makena, Maluaka Beach of Muai Hawaii
Makena, Maluaka Beach of Muai Hawaii

This beach is well known for green sea turtles. The most interesting part is that due to the abundance availability of sea turtles, the locals have named this place as the “turtle town”. Keep your eyes on the turtles because its name might deceive you. They are named as a green turtle but they appear dark brown.

•  Kihei Cave

Kihei Cave Maui, Hawaii where Surfing Begins
Kihei Cave Maui, Hawaii where Surfing Begins

If you are a beginner at surfing then Kihei is the best location for you. The waves are comparatively smaller in this spot than that of other beaches. It is the perfect location to kick start the surfing experience.

•  Da Kitchen

Da Kitchen Cafe in Maui, Hawaii
Da Kitchen Cafe in Maui, Hawaii

You should definitely feast at Da Kitchen for experiencing the authentic taste of Hawaiian food. You will find the finest Loco Moco in this restaurant. Moreover, Loco Moco is a traditional hamburger of Maui. You should definitely stop by this restaurant as it has created a worldwide buss.

•  Ironwood Ranch

Ironwood Ranch - Best of Maui's Horseback tours
Ironwood Ranch – Best of Maui’s Horseback tours

If you intend to experience something different then head towards the Ironwood Ranch. In this location, you will get the best experience of horse riding. On the other hand, there are many forest and green mountains where you can spend some relishing time if you are not into horse riding.


Next Stop Destinations

1. Maui Golf Course

2. Banyan Tree Park

3. Maui Ocean Center

4. Hookipa Beach

5. Wailea Beach

6. Honolua Bay