Travel Tips to Keep you Safe While Traveling
Travel Tips to Keep you Safe While Traveling

Keep it safe while travelling solo!


If you love to explore the world and have not still been on a solo trip, trust me, you are missing out on something major. A solo trip is one of the most liberating and exciting things to do if you have a knack for traveling. It gives an immense boost to your confidence and makes you self-dependent. A solo trip will provide you with ample opportunities for development, self-reflection, and so much freedom. You need not depend on any traveling partner, and you can take all your decisions on your own.

But as it goes, you will be responsible for all the consequences of your choices – good or bad! So, how to make the most out of a solo trip? Here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can keep in mind as you head towards your first ever solo trip:


• Always keep your near and dear ones updated about your contact info:

It does not matter if you are traveling to a far off place or to a nearby one: the first and foremost thing that you must do is to provide your dear ones with your complete contact info. Information like hotel bookings, flight reservations, itineraries are so much vital, and you just cannot afford to let your family and friends unaware of these details. This will help you out in any case of emergency.


• A lot of research work: 

Use all your spare time to research about your destination. Gather knowledge about the local transport system, weather, locality of your hotel, top places to visit, positive and negative opinions of other travelers about your destination, etc. Check for details on solo trip Quora.

Trust me! I never did research work on my first ever solo trip and had to suffer a lot. I learned these things subsequently with my own experience. Do not commit the same mistake and use all your internet to gather details about your preferred destination.


• Apt use of the “Check-in” feature:

Facebook and other social media platforms provide the user with the feature of “Check-in.” Now is the time to put it to the maximum utility. Wherever you go, just use the cellular or Wi-Fi network facility of the region and update about your “Check-in.”

This will enable your family and friends to keep a check on your itinerary. God forbid if some issue takes place, they can reach you out for help. But, never forget to keep the settings of this feature to “private.” After all, you do not want the random creepy strangers on social media to know about the places you are visiting.


• Om-Nom-Nom:

Food is your best friend when you are traveling solo. And if you are a foodie, just like me, then yummy food is the ultimate thing that drives you crazy. Do not miss out on tasting the local food cuisine of your destination. Check about the variety of dishes, restaurants, and their ambiance. You do not want to end up in a shady place and that too alone, right! Also, take care if you are allergic to some ingredients used in local food cuisine. Last but not least, do not forget to try the delectable street foods. They are yummy as hell and quite light on your pocket too. A win-win situation for you!


• Google Drive as the savior:

Carrying the much-needed documents and other necessary things is significant while traveling. You never know when you need them. Keeping their backup is also essential. Softcopies will always come handy.

You can use Google Drive for this purpose. In case you face and emergency, you can access these documents with the help of Google Drive from any other device. All you need to do is to remember your password and a good cellular or Wi-Fi network. And you are good to go!


• Gadgets and technology to rescue:

Once we come back from a trip, the things that we cherish the most are the photographs and videos. Since you are traveling solo, do not forget to carry a good quality tripod, a nice camera, selfie stick, and extra memory cards to store all those precious pictures and videos.

I hope you follow all the above-given tips and enjoy a lot in your solo trip. Try and explore lots of solo trip places. Fulfil all your wishes and embrace freedom. Happy traveling!