Italy, Rome One of the Most Fascinating Places on Earth
Italy, Rome One of the Most Fascinating Places on Earth to Travel to, to stay and visit

Things to Do in Italy


If you think of Italy to be a travel destination, then think about this statement twice. Yes, because Italy is not just a place where you can spend your holidays rather it is a state of mind. Visiting Italy is not only a matter of enthusiasm but even a true feeling of relishing the moments.

It is one of those places which will make you feel that you are in a different world. All of us crave for vacations but there are only a few destinations that make the lines from our forehead disappear and amid them is Italy. Never the less, what makes this place endure in our minds are the things that Italy has to offer its admirers.


Here are the best things that you can do in Italy.

Make Your Own Pasta

We all enjoy Italian cuisine and the best part about it is the pasta. Every second restaurant you go in your hometown will have pasta on their menu. This food item has become so popular that it is sometimes very hard to imagine a restaurant not having it.

Never the less, have you ever imagined how would it feel to make your own pasta? This is what you can do in Italy. We all roam the world to learn new different things, so allow Italy to teach you this. Pasta is the staple food of Italian people and it is even their traditional dish as well.

The Culinary Institute of Bologna will teach you how to roll pasta. It is a very famous institute that is involved in taking the best quality cooking classes. This institute has taken the initiative to teach traveler how to make their stable food.

Here you will learn how to roll your pasta and even enjoy having it with a fine glass of local wine. So, foodies, it is your time to pack your bags for Italy as this famous institute is waiting for your presence.


Tribute to Michelangelo

Visiting Italy would be incomplete if you do not pay homage to Michelangelo. He is the artistic hero of the country. Many modern and romantic poets have paid their tribute to Michelangelo. We have felt the beauty and aesthetic essence of Michelangelo’s arts in many poem and writing but encountering it with bare eyes will always be a matter of delight.

Rome Italy Sistine Chapel in Rome
Rome Italy Sistine Chapel in Rome! The Most Beautiful sight to see!

If you want to find the Michelangelo by yourself then head to Sistine Chapel in Rome. This chapel has the finest art where you will find yourself lost in the among the breathtaking beauty of each image. All you need to do is stare at the ceiling of Sistine Chapel and find for yourself what mystery these paintings unfold.

This chapel is not only the place where you find the work of Michelangelo but there are other places too. The sculpture of David is in the Accademia Gallery of Florence. Once a famous author and painter named Giorgio Vasari’s have said that “once you have seen the iconic work there is no need to see anything else by any other sculpture”. No matter what you do and what you find for yourself in Italy but do not miss out on indulging in the arts of Michelangelo.


Let’s Join Juliet’s Club

We all have read “Romeo and Juliet” in our teen years and the love of theirs must have enlightened our tender feeling. This iconic play by Shakespeare has broken and as well as mended the hearts of many lovers. But could you ever imagine about writing your heartfelt desire to Juliet?

Yes, you have heard me right. In Verona of Italy, you can write a letter to Juliet seeking advice. As the drama describes Verona was the hometown of Juliet and here it is where you can find the beauty of love. You can visit the home of Juliet, stand in her balcony where she used to wait for Romeo and then by rubbing right-hand bosom of her statue post your letter.

Yes, you can seek for advice by writing a letter to the club. Eventually, the brilliant writers of the club will reply you back with the best advises possible. This is a very intriguing activity that you can do. Not only the place is beautiful but everything about this place will take you back to the age of Romeo and Juliet. Italy is not just a place of history or ruins but it is the land of romance too. It is the land that will make you fall in love with itself gradually but intensely.


Head Towards Pompeii

Life can change in a moment and you will find this saying to be true when you visit Pompeii. This place is very famous for the occurrences that have taken place back in 79 AD. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius had changed the complete picture of the town.

Rome, Italy The eruption of Mount Vesuvius had changed the complete picture of the town.
Rome, Italy The eruption of Mount Vesuvius had changed the complete picture of the town.

After the eruption, the town was covered in ashes and with it, the livelihood of many people was even concealed. But this eruption captured the Roman life and froze the time for the coming generation to explore the magnificence of the place.

When Pompeii was being excavated, people could discover for themselves the beauty and essence of the bygone era. Visiting Pompeii presently is an intriguing matter. You will surely feel that it is not an old town but an open-air museum where you will find the best products of the Roman era.

Starting from houses to ancient Roman forums, there are many ruins that will take you to the life that people have lived before the eruption had taken place.