India's Richest Villages
India’s Richest Villages

Indian Richest Villages – Hidden Truth Uncovered during my Visit


Hello Readers! I hope you’re enjoying reading my blogs. I’m sure you’re loving and that I can learn from your lovely comments I keep on receiving after I post every blog. I wanna tell you something about my last few publications.


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Great! That’s a little and boring introduction. Lol, am I sounding boring? You could point me out the blog title – Indian Richest Villages, and I haven’t written anything on that until now. Well, the reason is, it’s one of the memorable incidents and a hidden truth uncovered during my visit.

A little background is necessary, as it’s was one of the best learning experiences I had had when I visited Asia, courtesy to my old Asian friend.

Trust me! I’ll not take more time and come straight to the point, uncovering information about these Indian Richest Villages.


But before that – A few reactions from my friends with whom I shared this story.


“Richest Village? What’s that, Hack?”
“How did you find them?”
“What’s so unique about them?”


Just hold on for a moment, and over here are the answers to all these questions.


India, one of the multilingual, and multi diversified cultural countries in the world with an enriched heritage and date backed tradition.

Although there so much to see in India – from historical monuments to haunted buildings, from mountains to seas and from archeological sites to ancient ruins, there’re more unique things to discover.

You know what? It’s a few of the wealthiest Indian Villages. They’re even so rich that they’ve made significant economic and cultural contributions. I was lucky enough to visit a couple of such villages; all courtesy to my dear Indian friend, in fact, he is from one of these vibrant villages.

Also, they’re spread all over the country in different states and mind it, India is massive. It’s not easy to find them unless you have an insider like my Indian Buddy.


Good News is, now you know the names. So, over here is the list.


Image of Shani Shingnapur
Image of Shani Shingnapur of India

Name: Shani Shingnapur
State: Maharastra, India.
Famous For: Jagrut Devasthan, a Hindu temple known as “Alive Temple.”
What’s so unique – Safest Village and all houses are Without any Doors.


Name: Kokrebellur
State: Karnataka, India.
Famous For: Kokrebellur Bird Sanctuary
What’s so unique – It’s one of the twenty-one breeding birding sites in India where you’ll find individual birds like Spot-billed pelican, Ring-necked parakeets, and other unusual birds.


Name: Khetwadi
State: Maharashtra, India.
Famous For: A village with one of the most significant numbers of Temples.
What’s so unique: 19th-century village, Parsi population, and houses India Tower – the country’s highest building.


Name: Pothanikkad
State: Kerala, India
Famous For: Wild buffalos and elephants, the most extensive collection in the country.
What’s so unique: It’s the country’s only village with a 100% literacy rate.


Name: Dharnai
State: Bihar, India
Famous For: It’s a stopover place to India’s sacred destination, Bodh Gaya.


What’s so unique: It’s the country’s only village run by its own solar power offering electricity 24×7 to all households and commercial properties. 

After knowing about these unique villages, you must be feeling crazy, correct? Don’t be, as you should visit them and enjoy your stay out there as they welcome tourists. Of course, I’ll be eagerly waiting to receive your comments after you do so.


Until then, it’s ‘Lonely Stone’ signing off and coming soon with another exciting and unique post on Austrian Foods.