Marble Mountains you will certainly explore some breathtaking views of temples, shrines and caves.
Marble Mountains you will certainly explore some breathtaking views of temples, shrines and caves.

How To Travel Marble Mountains From Hoi An


Mountains give me different goose bumps due to its massiveness. Marble Mountain is no different from this. This 1791-foot mountain is located 20 kilometers away from Hoi An. Panoramic views and lung shredding trekking experience will always give you a different taste while visiting mountains.

Nevertheless, Marble Mountains are a bit different than this. Perhaps you won’t earn respect or reward for scaling these peaks. But you will certainly explore some breathtaking views of temples, shrines and caves.

marble mountains huyen khong cave
marble mountains huyen khong cave


Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains are basically a small group of lime stone hills which are located between Da Nang and Hoi An. It’s a cluster of five different hills- Kim, Thuy, Moc, Hoa and Tho which indicate metal, water, wood, fire and earth respectively.

According to the ancient legends, Once upon a time a dragon emerged from the water of Non Nuoc Beach. There, it laid a gigantic egg. After a thousand days and a thousand nights finally the egg hatched.

But, strangely a beautiful girl stepped out of the broken shells. The egg was fragmented into 5 different pieces where were left on the beach. With the time, those broken shells grew into these five mystical Mountains.

And the fun part is many of the local inhabitants have strong belief in this ancient folklore.

Visitors get to enjoy the spectacular views across Non Nuoc after climbing up the Marble mountains. Non Nuoc is also known as My Khe Beach. Thuy Son which is also known as mountain of water is home to ancient pagodas and caves. Those pagodas were constructed in the 17th Century.

There two to gates for the entrance to the Marble mountain. Once you pass the gate number one, There are three avenues that you can explore. The Ling Ung Pagoda and temple may excite you due to its structural beauty. This pagoda was built in 1825. On the right side of this temple, Xa Loi tower and Van Thong cave are located. Through the central avenue, you can go to the “relaxation area”.

Relaxation area is the collection of vendors, restrooms and small stands. In this place, 400 years old pagoda is located which is known as Tam Thai Pagoda. This temple is a witness of plethora of historical incidents. That’s why it has been demolished, rebuilt and renovated a number of times.

Behind the relaxation area, there is a summit which is known as Mt. Thuy. You will get a splendid, spread view of Da Nang city from this summit. To the south of this summit, you will see the green rice paddies and rural countryside. Some hotels and resorts have interrupted in this vast green quilt as well.

To the west of the south, if your luck is good and the sky is clear, you will see a glimpse of the border of Laos.

Marble Mountains and Linh Ung Pagoda Half Day Tour, Hoi An, Vietnam
Marble Mountains and Linh Ung Pagoda Half Day Tour, Hoi An, Vietnam


Hoi An To Marble Mountains:

By Private Car:

Marble Mountain is 20 Kilometer far from Hoi an. With a private car, it will take you only 30 minutes to reach there. There are some private car services available in Hoi which will offer you some good packages. While taking a private car you must include Linh Ung Pagoda and My Khe beach in your list as these are not far from Marble Mountains.


By Taxi: 

There are two options available if you are opting to book a taxi. You can book a taxy fo a one way journey or you can book one for two ways journey. If you hire a metered taxi, you have to pay something around 11 USD to get into Marble Mountain from Hoi An. And yes, this is a one way ride. So, for wait and return you have to add 20 USD more perhaps.

But, this is not recommended. What you can do is, book a taxi in the Hoi An city negotiating with the taxi drive. If you are a good hustler, you would be able to book a taxi for a round trip within just 20 USD.

On the other hand, the hotel boys and other stuffs have contacts with the taxi drivers usually. Don’t fall on their words. Always try to negotiate with the price.


By Bus: 

Marble Mountains are located nearer to Da Nang. So, if you are searching for a cheaper option you can catch a bus from Hoi an to Da Nang. It will cost you only one USD to get there. Isn’t it cheaper? But, it is recommended to follow the google map throughout the journey. Always have a live map so that you can track your location easily. This is how, you can ask the bus to stop in the right place.


Motorbike/ Bicycle

You can get a motorbike or scooter in a cheaper price from Hoi an. There are several bike rental companies which offer lucrative packages for the tourists. Not only the bike, you will be provided two helmets, one liter of fuel, two raincoats as well along with the motorbike.

You can take a bicycle as well. But, honestly this would not be a good idea as you will get tired riding a bicycle. Climbing the mountainous area with a bicycle is pretty tiring activity. You won’t enjoy this ride at all if you are not a pro biker.

So, Motorcycle or scooter is preferable to bicycle.


Organized Tours To Marble Mountain: 

Hotels of Hoi An usually offer an organized tour to Marble Mountain to its consumers. These hotels actually operate as resellers for a tour company. That’s why; it would be better if you ask for the full details before booking a tour.


Tickets In Marble Mountains: 

There are two entrances to get into Marble Mountains. That means there are two gates in two different places to enter into Marble Mountains. No matter which gate you choose for entry, you have to spend 1.70 USD for the ticket. The fun fact is you don’t need to climb necessarily in the both ways, as at the both gates, you will be offered to use elevator in exchanging 65 cents.