How to Pack for Trips


“Journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step”


There are three parts of a trip, that is planning, packing, and proceeding. These 3p’s are very essential to make a trip successful. As a traveler we always want our trips to be the best ones because there is a plethora of emotions and time involved with it. But what bothers most travelers is the “second p” of 3P’s. Yes, you got me right. It is packing.

Packing in a proper way is a very important aspect and your whole vacation can turn into a nightmare if this is not done in an efficient manner. Here, I come with a Travel Packing Guide that will help you in understanding what you need to take with you can what not.

This guide contains a different type of trips and the essentials that you need to carry. Moreover, now you do not have to worry about your upcoming vacations as this Travel Packing Guide is all that you need.


Tropical Vacation Packing 

When it comes to tropical vacations “the sun is always fun”. Relishing the time in the warmth of the sun is truly a delight. But before moving on to any vacation it is important to list out what should be packed and what not. I have roamed around the world and ended up realizing that the packing for tropical vacation is pretty much similar irrespective to where you go.

So don’t worry about the packing of your next tropical vacation as I am here with some of the essential packing ideas.

Here you go!!



Sunscreen:  you obviously don’t desire to return home being one to two shades darker, then carry a sunscreen. It will protect you from the harsh ray of sun and you can even be enjoying every moment of your trip without worrying about your daily skincare regimen.

Sunglasses: this item needs no explanation. All I can just say is PACK.

Hat: scorching heat can be enchanting but not for long. No matter where your destination is but you will undoubtedly need a hat. Go for the big brimmed hat as that will even protect your face as well.

Dry bags: this item is a savior while you are on the beaches. You can either store your phone or dry clothes in these bags for further use. These bags are water resistant and will give you the freedom to keep anything that you want.

Flip flops: what comes handy other than flip flops on a tropical vacation? No matter where you go, beaches or jungles these are the perfect pair that will be apt for any location. But the point to keep in mind is that don’t overload your bag with too many pairs of flip flops as one will go a long way.

Bug spray: you won’t be liking bug bites everywhere, so grab a bug spray and thank me later. (hahaha)

Clothing: you are out for a vacation and not a fashion fiesta, so you can travel light. women can carry 3 to 4 sundresses which are light in color and flaunt elegantly. However, men can pack button-down shirts and shorts. These will be stylish and comfy as well. Moreover, girls. if you are into instagramming then carry a nice cute crop top and pair it with your jeans or shorts and you are done.


Winter Vacation Packing

What can be more intriguing than spending your holidays in the lands of ice? Winter vacations are dreamy and heavenly but only if you pack well. You might be thinking that just packing heavy jackets and woolen clothes are enough for your trip, but these are now the long gone advice.

To help you out, here are some essentials that will make your winter vacation simple, straightforward and satisfying.


Hat: yes, definitely the warm ones. Gone are the days when people were behind muffler scarfs, it is now 2019 and all you need to take is a warm hat with you. These hats are comfortable and won’t even make you look a rolled panda.

Shoes: when it comes to shoes, won’t settle for less. I will recommend you to go for boots which are solid and decent looking. Go for dark color boots as mud stains won’t be visible and you can keep wearing it without even worries. Tips go easy with lacing. Get yourself boots that are easy to wear so that you don’t have to struggle every single time doing and undoing it.

Gloves: this item is very essential to pack for a winter vacation. Don’t go for woolen gloves as they are long gone now and smart traveler don’t use it anymore. Get yourself gloves that are warm, waterproof and thin.

Clothing: here comes the major part of winter vacation packing. The first thing that strikes the mind while thinking about winter vacation clothing is layering up. Truly, you can keep layering up yourself with clothes and look like a panda but this is not how it works nowadays. So go for thermal wears. These work like magic, for women, go for long sleeve shirts paired with fleece line tights and trench coats or heavy jackets. And men can pack thermal long sleeve t-shirts, men’s leggings, and elegant heavy jackets. Congrats, now you don’t have to worry about laying anymore.

Accessories: make some space in your bag for two pairs of socks, sunglasses and lip balm. Socks will help in keeping your feet warm, the sunglass will protect your eyes even though the sunlight is weak. Finally, who wants chapped lips on vacation so carry a lip balm because it is better to be safe than sorry.


City Sighting Vacation Packing

Whether it is Paris, New York or Tokyo, city sighting vacations are always easy going. Just select a place and fly, in a matter of hours you will find yourself in a completely new environment. As the planning phase of city trips are easy, so is packing for it. We are all aware of the basics packing phenomenon but let’s dive into some essentials.


Keeping things simple and easy will take you a long way while it comes to city sighting. However, a tip before beginning is that do not carry more then what you need because you are surely going to return back with more than what you have.

Clothing: every person is different from the other, so if you are someone who is confused about dress color then go with black. Never the less, you can even take vibrant color and it completely depends upon your personal choices. The first thing that women can drop into their bag is skinny jeans and a blouse or top. On the other hand, men can pack lightweight travel blazer or end up with sports coats. These attires are apt for museum visits and even for dinners in the restaurants.

Backpack/bag: would you always like to keep your hand occupied with maps and phone? I guess no, so get a backpack for yourself. I am a traveler myself and I have lost many valuable things as I was a “no backpack person”. But do not be the next me and learn from the mistakes of mine. Get a good quality backpack and carry it every time you head out of your hotel for sightseeing.

Medicines: you won’t like being sick on an unknown land, right? Then carry pain killer and personal medicines where ever you go. Don’t take your health for granted as new surroundings and trigger your wellbeing anytime.

Accessories: we sometimes forget about the small things on a journey. So the next time you head toward city trips do not forget to carry

1.  Mini Umbrella – it will act as a survivor on a sunny day

2.  Sunglasses – protect your eyes first

3.  Small Locks – it is to keep your luggage safe

4.  Sunscreen