Glow Nighclub I was thrilled after I visited this place.
Glow Nighclub I was thrilled after I visited this place.

Discover these thrilling Nightclubs in Bangkok: How to make your Bangkok backpacking exciting?


Bangkok City, Wow! It’s the city of Romance, and of course, you’ll fall in love with it. Why am I saying so? Well, there’re are loads to say, but I wanna unlock the most exciting part of my travel experience in Bangkok. Are you excited to know what’s that? 

I’ll write about that in this fascinating travel blog, uncover the city’s hidden secret places, and also unlock my treasure-trove memories.

Yes, it’s me – ‘Lonely Stone’ back with this interesting blog article, Discover these thrilling Nightclubs in Bangkok. Why Nightclubs? I’m sure you don’t wanna make your backpacking experience boring, correct? So, keep reading and find out how to make your Bangkok backpacking thrilling.

But, Hang on! Before I move on and start writing a bullet point or list wise article (the internet is full of those articles), let me tell you something else. Ohh, if you are getting curious, it’s fine as I’ll not take your nerve for too long.

You know what, Thailand is an awe-inspiring destination in Southeast Asia and Bangkok is the thriving capital. Next up: Art, décor, culture, food and guess what, sensational nightlife. Yes, it’s how I describe Bangkok.

Daytime, there are busy streets with passerby’s, and you’ll find a paradoxical scene during the night, and it’s sensational. The city seems to come alive at night with sounds and lights, you’ll be hearing all over as you marvel around, and what else?

There are tons of Nightclubs and rooftop bars to enjoy this electric atmosphere, and it’s daunting for the first-timers to find the best one. Even I couldn’t, but eventually, I discovered a few hidden-gem of nightclubs in this vibrant city.


Let’s explore them together and rock Bangkok, the gorgeous Thai capital. 


Glow Nightclub

I was thrilled after I visited this place. Although I visited so many pubs, ruin bars and nightclubs in Europe (it’s my little secret I’m revealing now), but the Glow Nightclub is an exciting place to visit; bet an unforgettable experience. You know why? It’s an underground musical dancing den in Bangkok.

When I entered this nightclub, DJs were playing there best tracks, and there were over hundreds of people rocking and enjoying a romantic nightlife. Of course, an electrifying atmosphere and it reminded me about the Ruin Bar Budapest and Ruin Pub Budapest. I don’t remember how long I jerked my feet on the music beats, but it’s something I can’t forget.



Levels Night Club of Bangkok It’s an exciting place to dance and party around.
Levels Night Club of Bangkok It’s an exciting place to dance and party around.

Wow! That’s another exciting and thrilling nightclub I discovered in Bangkok. It’s an exciting place to dance and party around. The outdoor area of the nightclub has enough free space for you to dance and enjoy. So, be a part of this vibrant crowd and enjoy it, and that’s what I did precisely during my visit over there.


The Club-Khaosan

After visiting the above two nightclubs, I thought that I must’ve visited the best, but, surprisingly, there’s another hidden gem, the Club-Khaosan. Trust me! I got wild in the crowd, and you’ll be too, I bet! Why? Humm, don’t ask me, you’ve to visit yourself and explore the thrill and fun out there to enjoy a romantic nightlife in Bangkok.

I prominently remember the name of CELA VI and BEAM two other famous nightclubs in Bangkok. I didn’t have the legacy to spend a lot of time out there, but I’ll revisit these two places on my next visit.

For the time being, I’ll be looking to get feedback from my readers. I’m sure and excited to have them soon.


And what next? From the collection of ‘Lonely Stone’s’ secret diary next coming up is – World’s richest Airlines, so stay connected!