How to Keep your Passport and Credit Cards Safe while Traveling
How to Keep your Passport and Credit Cards Safe while Traveling

How to Keep Passport and Credit Cards Safe While Traveling?


Imagine what would happen if your passport got stolen or you have lost it? Does this sound scary and crazy at the same time? yes, it is. It is surely a pathetic situation to lose our passports in a land that we barely know. In short, it is the deadliest nightmare of every traveler.

We make many plans before starting our itineraries. Perhaps from the next time pay a bit of extra attention to the tiny booklet that you carry with yourself. However, unfortunate situations like this can happen. But the big question is “Are you prepared?”

This blog is all about the passport safety issues and things you need to do in order to keep your passport safe. Apart from a passport, we will even discuss credit cards as well. We should be well aware of the fact that carrying cash is not always possible therefore credit cards are a life savior.

Stay till the end of the blog as we decode all the tips, tricks and ways to keep the most important document of a traveler safe.


Ways to Keep Passport Safe


Keeping your Passport Safe!
Keeping your Passport Safe!

Passport – a tiny booklet of wonders. We travel faraway lands and this is our gateway. With the help of this, we board our planes, ships, trains and cross borders. However, when it comes it US passports it allows you to visit 174 countries visa-free. Yes, we understand how wonderful it is. But let us now known how to keep it safe while exploring the world.

Here we go!!


Make A Few Copies

Plan about keeping your passport protected even before heading to the destination. Make multiple copies of your passport. Copy the page that has your full name and photo and place them in different places of your luggage.

You can place it in a separate chamber of your bag or even at the bottom of your backpack. On the other hand, you can even give a copy to the person with whom you are traveling. Do not forget to keep a copy at your home as well. It is for extra precaution. However, do not forget to mention your e-mail address on the copies as this might help in the future.


Lock It

No matter how nice the ambiance of your hotel might be. Always keep your passport locked in the safe. You will always be benefited if you do so. However, if your room does not have a safe, then contact the front desk and ask them for one.

On the other hand, if you are staying in a hostel or Airbnb or any other accommodation, then secure your travel bag with a good travel lock.


Conceal It

Passport is the most valuable treasure while traveling. But keeping it in your pocket will surely be a no brainer thing to do. However, instead of that, you can place it in a flat money belt that can be worn around your waist or neck.

Perhaps that will keep your passport concealed and out of sight. Apart from that, you can even try out passport cover or travel wallet as well. In this way, your passport and your nationality will be hidden too. We would suggest you not place your passport with the spending money because there is always the risk of being stolen.


Protect It

While we think about keeping our passports safe, we always think about safeguarding it from potential theft. But is it only thread? The answer is NO. the weather can even be a game-changer too. Humidity can harm the pages of your passport.

In order, to keep your passport safe keep it in a cool location to avoid damage. You can even use waterproof covers as well.


What to Do When You Lose Your Passport?


Situations arise and you need to know what to do when Losing your Passport
Situations arise and you need to know what to do when Losing your Passport

Yes, situations like this can surely occur. But there is a solution to every problem and this is even true for this case as well. Before taking potential steps all, you need to do is RELAX. Panicking can make the situation worse than it is.

Here are the steps you can take while you are overseas.


Report the Case of a Lost Or Stolen Passport

It is a universal law that you will have to report the loss or theft of your passport. This is the first and most important step. Immediately call your embassy to file a report. In this, you will be asked for your passport number and this is why you will need a copy of your passport.


If Your Passport Has Been Stolen, File A Police Report

You will have to file a police report for the stolen passport in order to claim your travel insurance. However, the procedure varies from one country to another. this step can be a lengthy process depending upon the case.

Whereas, you do not have much time and you are on the verge of returning to your country then you can skip this step and reach out for the embassy. But before that check out with your insurance provider about the requirements of travel insurance.


Replace Your Visa

It is very important to replace your traveling visa to an emergency existing visa in order to get an emergency passport. You will not be able to attain an emergency existing visa from your county’s embassy whereas you will have to visit the embassy of the country you have visited.


If Needed Delay Your Travel

Some situations are inevitable. Sometimes you cannot cross the international borders without a valid passport. In this case, do not freak out and stay calm. Delay the travel until you can assemble all the required documents to attain a valid passport.

Remember that you will still have your home, you will have your job and your loved ones waiting for you. therefore, bear patience in such situations because you will surely get through it.


Moving on To Credit Cards


Ways to keep your Credit Cards Safe while Traveling
Ways to keep your Credit Cards Safe while Traveling

What would you prefer – taking a sack of cash or carrying a card? It is a no brainer thing that we will choose to take cards over cash. But that does not mean that traveling isn’t dangerous or accidents can’t happen.

You might get robbed or you might accidentally leave your credit cards in a taxi. Shits like this happen. So, what must be done in order to avoid situations like this or face some of the pivotal issues related to the credit card?


Here are some crucial steps that you can follow to keep your card safe.


1. Do not carry more than two credit cards (one credit card is the best option). It is pretty easy to keep track of one card in comparison to several cards at once.

2. Remember that you are in a foreign land and everyone is a stranger to you. In this case, do not hand over your credit card to any waiter or clerk and keep your card in your sight.

3. Let your credit card company know about your itinerary. Also, find out how you can report about a lost or a stolen credit card while you are traveling overseas. Every credit card company has a toll-free number for assistance but that might not work all the time. Perhaps, it is best to inform the company about the dates you will be traveling and where you will be traveling as well.

4. Place your card in a secure wallet or money belt of your jacket. Keeping the wallet containing money and credit cards will make you a potential victim of pickpockets.

5. If you are not using your cards regularly, then it is better to keep them in the safe that the hotels will provide you. This is the safest option of all.

6. Lastly, make several copies of your credit card information (company name and account number) and keep them away from your wallet or purse. You will need this information in order to contact your credit card company.


Traveling is adventurous and fun but everything thing has its pros and cons as well. You should not stop traveling to be safe and sound. Rather you should visit places taking precautious steps. Always bear in mind that it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, plan before you proceed and explore the world that awaits you.

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