Exploring Scandinavia, St Petersburg and the Baltic Sea with Princess Cruises on Regal Princess
Exploring Scandinavia, St Petersburg and the Baltic Sea with Princess Cruises on Regal Princess

How to Choose Shore Excursions When Taking a Family Cruise?


You have done everything from booking to planning for your family cruise trip. Nevertheless, there is something more to be done. But what is it? It is shore excursion. The most common reason people choose cruising over any other traveling option is that you get to travel to several destinations in one go. This way is very sophisticated when you are traveling with your family.

However, there are two options that you can bring under consideration while choosing shore excursions when taking a family cruise.

Independent Shore Excursions

When it comes to independent shore excursions remember that you are the leader of your day. Here you choose the places in respect to your interest. People find this option more flexible than the cruise line excursions. This option gives you the opportunity to leave the ship at any time according to your schedule. On the other hand, you don’t have to even waste time on visiting places you are least bothered about.

When you have booked separately for the excursions, then it grants you the opportunity to become your own guide. You can do any fascination activities with your family without waiting for a travel guide to aid you. Whereas, this part is completely missing in cruise line excursion. You are always bound to follow the instructions put forward by the travel guides in their given time in a cruise line excursion.

While you are on independent shore excursions you will only have to lead your family who is on the tour with you. This means that you have a complete private zone and moreover you will get more time to relax and enhance your mood for the rest of the journey.

This is no point of rushing from one place to another on this booking option. So, when you book independent shore excursions, worrying about the time is the last time you need to do. While you have children on your trip, sometimes it becomes hard to maintain a strict timetable. Therefore, this option is what you need.

The major advantage of choosing independent shore excursion is that you will have to pay less compared to cruise line excursions. It will save a lot of money when you are planning on a low budget family cruise vacation.


Cruise Line Excursions

The cruise line excursions service offers travel and activity facility that they assume the majority of traveler will like. Mostly, the excursions include the places which are “best of” and “highlights” of each port they visit. If you are traveling for the first time in a family cruise, then this is an apt option for you as you do not have to give an extra thought after reaching a port.

Additionally, the transport facilities are included in this option and it is very helpful when you are traveling with your children. However, you don’t have to worry about mismanagement of time as the cruise will wait for all to passengers who have booked for cruise line excursion before they leave. So, you and your family won’t be left on abandoned land.

The members of the crew will help you out while booking cruise line excursions. As they are experienced in this sector, they will be able to offer you many tips about traveling and guide you with proper procedures to handle tough situations.

You can complete the cruise line excursion booking either online or even after boarding the cruise. It is a very smooth and swift process. Your family trip will be a stress-free journey with a lot of fun.

Choosing any of the options is completely a personal choice but mindfully think about the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. You are on the journey with your family, therefore, don’t let any decision make the whole trip a vain.


For better decision making, we have included some tips that will help you in choosing the best option for you.


•   Research first

All you need to do first is research on both the options. Whether it is the cost or facilities or additional activities, check on everything that is compulsory.

•   Check the offers of the cruise line

Shore excursions with cruise lines are very convenient and easy. Therefore, check before you make a decision. Look through every other option and make a note. If the offers are more attractive than independent cruise line, then you definitely know what to choose.

•   Compare reviews

If you have decided to choose independent shore excursions, first head towards the reviews. It is very important to know the genuine opinion of the traveler who have chosen this option. Most importantly, pay keen attention to their cancellation and refund policies.


Cruise line excursions are the best options for the first time cruisers. If you want a worry free and planned trip you can head on to this option without any second thought. Whereas, if you prefer independence and more control over what to explore then go in with independent shore excursions. Take a wise decision and pack your baggage for the upcoming trip but before that

‘Plan and Proceed’.