San Francisco a City that Buzzes all the Time!!!
San Francisco a City that Buzzes all the Time!!!

Digital Nomad Travel To San Francisco


San Francisco, a city that buzzes all the time. You might have seen enormous pictures and watched many television shows and films based on this city. But do you think, viewing all these have given you a clear idea of this sumptuous city?

San Francisco is one of the smallest cities in the USA with dense population. But this postcard-perfect city has a lot to offer to the digital nomads. Starting from the best tourist sights to great restaurants.

But are you puzzled up with your San Francisco itinerary as a digital nomad? We understand that the journeys of digital nomads are different from that of other travelers. This is why we are here to help you out with on this matter.

Our today’s blog post is all about “digital nomad travel to San Francisco” and by the end of this blog, you will surely have a ton of idea about this amazing city and how to relish every moment in it as a digital nomad.

Here we go!!


Healthy Things to Do

Enjoy The Beauty If Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park The Golden Gate Park is larger than the New York city central park.
Golden Gate Park The Golden Gate Park is larger than the New York city central park.

If you are someone who loves nature, then Golden Gate Park should be the very first spot that you should visit. This beautiful park stretches halfway across the city from Haight Ashbury to the beach. The Golden Gate Park is larger than the New York city central park.

Visitors gravitate towards this park because of the Japanese Tea Garden which is the most popular attraction of this place. On the other hand, you can even see Dutch windmills and buffalo herds. But amid all, you should definitely visit the De Young Museum.

There are even tranquil places in the Golden Gate Park where you can settle down and do your own works as well. It is surely a fantastic spot for digital nomads because you can work and even enjoy your surroundings.


Take A Trip to Sausalito

Sausalito, a small town across the North Bay of San Francisco. It is a location that will provide you the best view of this city. If you are a travel photographer, then you shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

It is well known for the houseboat community. And a huge number of visitors pay a visit to this place only to witness the waterborne homes. You can even wander along the waterfront and check out the local shops and street food stalls.

To make your itinerary even more interesting you can take a ferry from Fisherman’s Wharf to Sausalito rather than a drive.


See The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge It is the most Popular Landmark of this Wonderful City!
Golden Gate Bridge It is the most Popular Landmark of this Wonderful City!

You cannot state that your San Francisco itinerary is complete if you haven’t seen the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the most popular landmark of this wonderful city and above all, it is the most photographed sights in the world.

Missing out the sight of Golden Gate Bridge is completely inevitable because it is visible from every corner of the city.

Moreover, you can even walk on it to get a complete idea about the size of it and how petite other things look.


Visit Alcatraz 

Alcatrez Island, Penitentiary Once a place to avoid has now turned into a must place to visit.
Alcatrez Island, Penitentiary Once a place to avoid has now turned into a must place to visit.

Once a “place to avoid” has now turned into a “must place to visit”. This place is mainly famous for the prison building. There is only one way of heading towards this place and it is by ferry.

However, once you have reached the island, then you have to walk up the hill to explore the well-known prison building, cell blocks and other areas as well.


Great Airbnb Locations In San Francisco

Travelling is not only about exploring every corners and street of a place but it is also about residing in a safe and homely environment. You cannot have a wonderful traveling experience if the place where you stay is not satisfying enough.

The first thing that engulfs our mind when we think about “where to stay” is hotels. But did you know that there are better places too? Yes, this true. Airbnb is one of those options.

You will find great Airbnb locations in San Francisco and they are super comfy and homey as well.

Here are some of the locations where you can stay on your visit to San Francisco


Bernal Heights One Bedroom

Bernal Heights is a very inviting and cheery place to stay. This apartment has a living room, a kitchen, a queen sized bed, and a bathroom. The bedroom is well furnished and decorated with Bristo table along with smart TV and Bluetooth speaker.

From the apartment, you can have a clear view of the city and the bay. On the other hand, the hosts of this apartment have two cruisers on loan for their guests. You will have to spend $145 USD for a night stay in this location.


Perfectly Located Castro

It is an 1895 Victorian top flat with 12 feet ceiling. It is one of the beautiful apartments in San Francisco. This apartment is the best place to stay for solo digital nomad as it has a single bedroom, bed, and a shared bathroom.

The location of the apartment is pretty close to plenty of restaurants and cafes. The apartment has with Wi-Fi and laptop friendly workspace which makes it a perfect location for digital nomads. The cost of this apartment is $79 USD per night.


Cole Valley Treehouse

You can access a secluded treehouse and spend the time in tranquility in San Francisco. Rather than branches, you will find a beautiful home with a living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

You will even get a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the glass-encased long windows of this treehouse.

Moreover, this is one of the most popular Airbnb locations in San Francisco because of the unique infrastructure and surrounding. You will have to spend $350 USD for a night stay in this location.


How to Save Money In This Expensive City?

If you think that traveling to San Francisco will cost you a fortune, then you are wrong. Yes, we admit that San Francisco is an expensive city but you do not have to spend a lot of your savings in exploring it.

Here are some of the tips that will help you in having fun and traveling in a budget.


Sightseeing Deals and Offers

Do you know that you can explore the city without even spending a penny? There are many free attractions in this sumptuous city like the Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and Fisher’s Wharf. 

You can spend a good amount of time in these spots without ripping your pockets off. On the other hand, there are many multi-attraction passes as well. And with the aid of these passes, you can acquire unlimited rides on cable cars, public transports and free entry to various attractions.


Take A Walk

As mentioned earlier, San Francisco is a small city and most of the tourist attractions are located very close to each other. However, this gives you an opportunity to walk and explore the beautiful city rather than hiring a taxi.

On the other hand, exploring the city by foot is even an advantage for the digital nomads who are blog writers as they can absorb the complete essence of the places slowly but intensely.


Eating in San Francisco

Do you desire for eating in an expensive restaurant and even save money? Don’t worry my pal, it is definitely possible. But for that, all you need to do is you will have to have your lunch in a low budget place and then you can have a wonderful meal in an expensive restaurant.

But you can even try out the street side and small restaurant as well on your itinerary. When it comes to food, San Francisco never compromises with quality.

So no matter where you eat you will never fall sick. However, eating in a small restaurant is an easy way of saving money in this expensive city.


Wi-Fi Usage

Wi-Fi is the backbone of any digital nomad and we also know how important it is for you. But if you think that you will have to spend a lot of money behind this then there is something that you need to understand.

Bear in mind that it is not only about traveling safely but also about traveling smartly and this is even true when it comes to Wi-Fi. There are many spots in San Francisco when you will find free Wi-Fi connection like shopping malls and cafes.

By now you might have had a clear idea digital nomad travel to San Francisco. For your better help, we have tried to cover all the important aspects of an itinerary starting from things to do to where to stay. 


Thanks for reading.