Carnival Vista named world's best cruise ship by Cruise Critic
Carnival Vista named world’s best cruise ship by Cruise Critic

Choosing The Best Family Cruise Line for Your Budget


If you are in search of vacation options with family but you are losing mind on what must be done, then here is a wonderful solution. Cruising it is. For a long time now, cruising has been considered one of the most inexpensive vacation bet.

In a low-end cost you can acquire a room for yourself as well as your kids on the ship with the addition to meals and different types of entertainment. You can even save more money if your choice to drive to the port rather than choosing any other modes of transport.

Choosing the best cruise line can sometimes be a tricky task. However, not every cruise line gives the opportunity of cruising at a low cost. You will find a number of cruise line that will affect your pockets in the most adverse manner.

Therefore, we have come with a list of the best family cruise line in affordable range and tips that will help you in taking a fair decision.

Here you go!!


Carnival Cruise Line

Carvival Cruise Line it's headquarters located in Doral, Florida
Carvival Cruise Line it’s headquarters located in Doral, Florida

It is an international cruise line with its headquarters in Doral, Florida. When it comes to affordable cruise lines, the Carnival is the best option that you can choose. It has a plethora of cruise journeys from different ports in the United States.

Whereas, the fares for these journeys start at $280 per person. Not only the price is satisfying but also the service is stupendous as well. You will find kid-friendly amenities on this cruise. Therefore, the long routes will not bore your kid and they can have a lot to do and enjoy. 

There are even supervised kid’s club which is free of cost. These clubs make the kids on board excited and allows you to spend some alone time. When your kids are relishing their time in the clubs you and your partner can hop on to the cruise casino for some entertainment.


Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise line is the third largest Cruise Line in the World
The Norwegian Cruise line is the third largest Cruise Line in the World

The Norwegian cruise line was founded in the year 1966 and it is the third largest cruise line in the world. You will just need to spend $370 per person for a three-day cruise journey from Miami to the Bahamas. There are many other facilities that you can attain low cost in this ship.

On the other hand, kids on this ship can occasionally sail free. For instance, in the 2017 and 2018 trip, the third and fourth guests were offered to sail free along with two paying passengers. There are multiple entertainment options in this cruise line.

You can watch award-winning shows, spend a marvelous time in the onboard aqua park and even enjoy bowling or playing mini golf. The Norwegian Cruise Line also has kid’s club for kid’s entertainment. This kid’s club is equipped with a range of activities for different age groups.


Holland America Line

Holland America Line It is a British American Cruise Line
Holland America Line It is a British American Cruise Line

It is a British American cruise line and it was founded in the year 1873. This is the most family-friendly cruise line. Holland America Line is one of those cruise lines that offer a good range of deals when you are traveling with your family.

The seven-night journey on the Caribbean cruise from the United States will cost you around $700 per person. On the other hand, it just costs $400 per person from Seward on Glacier Discovery Southbound which is a seven-night journey as well.

This affordable cruise line even provides numerous activities and entertainment options. Starting from the spa, pool, water park to the night shows. There is a supervised club for the kids where they can spend time enjoying different games and activities.


These are some of the best affordable cruise lines you can choose for your vacation. But this is not the end to it. There are many other cruise lines too and you always have to be mindful while making a decision on choosing one. Here are some tips