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Jame Masjid Mosque, Yes, it is the same person who built the Taj Mahal. It took almost 6 years for 5000 workers to construct this mosque.

#1 Amazing Places to Visit in India

15 Amazing Places to Visit in India Choices are infinite while it comes to holiday destinations in India. It is a place of culture, history and bustling cities. The incredible beauty of this sumptuous land...
Levels Night Club of Bangkok It’s an exciting place to dance and party around.

How to Make Your Bangkok Backpacking Exciting?

Discover these thrilling Nightclubs in Bangkok: How to make your Bangkok backpacking exciting?   Bangkok City, Wow! It’s the city of Romance, and of course, you’ll fall in love with it. Why am I saying so?...
Al-Khazneh, It is the biggest temple in Petra.

#1 Places to Visit in Jordan in 2020!

Places to visit in Jordan in 2020!   Jordan is a beautiful country in the Middle East. It is the country known for its ancient mountain, nature, and resorts. Here we are going to take a...
Literature Temple The charming complex was initially built as the center of learning of Chinese scholar Confucius.

Enjoy and Explore Hanoi With Your Family!

Enjoy and explore Hanoi with your family!   It is a great place to explore on foot and one of the most ancient capitals of the world, which situated on the banks of the Red River....
View from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve It is the only Natural Reserve in Singapore that is the rich and most diverse ecological system.

Top 10 Natural Spots in Singapore

Top 10 Natural Spots in Singapore   Apart from mind-blowing architecture and splendid skylines, Singapore is even well known amongst the tourist for its natural spots as well. These spots a different dimension to the beauty...
Tanah Lot Temple Bali, An Amazing Temple You Need To Visit!

Unknown Facts of Bali You Will Want to Know

Unknown Facts of Bali   Bali is a well known Indonesian island situated in western Indonesia only a couple of miles east of Java. Bali covers around 2160 square miles (5600 sq. km), with a hilly...

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