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Taking a Trip Along Route 66

Historic US Route 66, also called the Will Rogers Highway, has been active since 1926. It stretches across middle America from Chicago, Illinois to San Diego, California. The highway as a whole no longer...
Las Vegas Best Place To Visit and Tour This is a Very Exciting city

Las Vegas Guide That Will Help You On Your Next Vacation

Vegas Travel Guide "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"   The "Sin City" or the "America's Playground", whatsoever you may call it but Vegas is surely glitzy showbiz. This sumptuous oasis in the desert is an...
Benchmark Hospitality International Announces The Grove Resort & Spa of Orlando, Florida

Best Resorts and Spas In the State of Florida

Best Resorts and Spas in Florida    Introduction Having a record of being the third most populous state and the 22nd most extensive of the 50 states in the United States of America, Florida was the 27th...
Inside the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Travel Guide

Hoover Dam Travel Guide   Hoover dam is one of the seven industrial wonders of the world. In recent years, it has developed into a tourist spot and over 100,000 people visit this gigantic dam each...
Maui Hawaii Image, Just a Birds eye view!

Maui Travel Planner For Hawaii

Maui Travel Planner   Maui, a pleasant destination in Hawaii that is renowned for many things, its ambiance, its beauty, its surreal beaches, landmarks, waterfalls, gardens, and its history. It is a picture-perfect destination with the...
Merriman’s Maui: A Coastal Hawaii Restuarant with Incredible Views

Maui, Hawaii, Best Places to Visit and Best Restaurants

Maui, Hawaii, Best Places to Visit and Best Restaurants   Are you planning for a tour this time? Well, Maui in Hawaii is the final destination you must just visit. This is an island located just...

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