East Bali, Villa Amibila in Bali
East Bali, Villa Amibila in Bali

a diving holiday?A guide to Bali Diving: Can you visit Bali for 


The most popular island of Indonesia, Bali is a famous tourist destination. Every year more than five million tourists visit Bali to relax and enjoy the island. Bali is a vibrant island where you find natural wonders like active volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches with stunning scenic beauty. Over here you also find thousands of stunning ancient temples that wonder the visitors too. I was under the impression that there cannot be any better diving site in the world other than the Caribbean, but I was wrong. I never knew that Bali remained a diving destination too. There were so many amazing diving sites in Bali to mesmerize anyone with stunning underwater visibility and colorful coral reefs. I decided to extend my stay in Bali to enjoy diving and snorkeling. You can definitely visit Bali for a Diving holiday as it’s also a diving and snorkeling heaven.


I enjoy diving and snorkeling and found Bali as a heaven for it. The clear azure water and the breathtaking underwater colorful coral reefs are just amazing. Over here I am writing down my diving experience in Bali and the top diving spots I visited.


List of the famous Diving Spot in East Bali


Tulamben, East Bali

Terrific diving sport for the USAT Liberty shipwreck found in the clear turquoise underwater that makes Tulamben a great dining spot in Bali. You find over here colorful coral reefs and stunning underwater beauty. Snorkeling and diving are extremely popular and you expect a large crowd enjoying these activities over here. The best part is you find natural coral reefs and also get a chance to see migrating mantas, sunfish, sea turtles and dolphins.


Amed, East Bali

Amed is the second most popular diving spot in East Bali that offers excellent underwater visibility. The key highlight of this diving spot is the dense gorgonian gardens and coral reef walls. I enjoyed swimming for several hours and got lucky to find stingrays and parrotfish in the underwater. It was one of my best snorkelling experience I ever had.


How to visit Tulamben and Amed from Kuta?

I prefer staying in the Kuta area whenever I visited Bali. The main reason is the beauty of Kuta beach and for the breathtaking sunset view. Tulamben and Amed were over two and a half-hours drive from Kuta and it’s a popular day trip that I enjoyed. The best way to travel is by hiring a private taxi that takes around $45 to $50 for the entire day trip.


What are the other diving spots in Bali?

Pemuteran, Menjangan Island in North Bali and Nusa Penida, South Bali are some additional famous diving destination in Bali. On my next visit to Bali, I decided to stay in the northern region so that I can explore these beautiful diving spots.


My Final Thoughts

As you can see, Bali is large and the diving sites are spread across the Island. It is important to plan properly and book hotels near to these areas so that you save travelling time and cost. I stayed in hotels near to the diving destination and enjoy a great time out. It was a great diving holiday experience in Bali that I locked inside my travel memories.