Walking in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Walking in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires Travel Guide




To travel is to discover new places and to live new experiences. This stupendous place in South America is the home to world-class opera and theatre. It is even the birthplace of Tango. By now you might have guessed the place. Yes, it is Buenos Aires.

This incredible city is even known as the Capital Federal. But most commonly known to people as the capital of Argentina. There are more things to know that these simple facts about this extraordinary city. Stay by the side of this guide to know more about Buenos Aries.


Things You Will Find in This Travel Guide

•  How to Get There?

•  Getting Around

•  Accommodation

•  Buenos Aires Destination

•  Traditional Food

•  Nightlife in Buenos Aires


Airport and Airport Transfers

Ministro Pistarini International Airport is also known as Ezeiza International Airport. This airport connects the capital city of Argentina to the other countries in the world. This airport is not exactly in the city rather it is 20km away from the city center. You can even excess other parts of the country by using this gateway. This airport handled around 98,31,127 passengers in the year 2013. Ezeiza International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. 


Airport Transfers

You have a handful of options when it comes to airport transfers from Ezeiza International Airport to the city center.

Firstly, you can get into a bus from the airport and in a matter of some time, you will be at the city center. The city center is 20 km away from the Ezeiza International Airport. You can either take bus line 394 or even head towards shuttle bus.

Rent a car is another great option to reach the city center. There are several companies who will rent you a car either for the whole travel or to the city center. It completely depends on your personal preference. By availing this option, you have the freedom to roam anyways around the city without any fact to worry about. You can rent a car from any terminal of the airport. If you have further queries do not hesitate to ask the authority about it.

You can even go for taxi’s. It will only take 35 minutes to reach the city center. The taxis are always available at the arrival area of the airport. The taxis from airport charges around 12 dollars. It is an expensive deal but if you prefer comfort over expense then you can happily go for it.


Getting Around Buenos Aires by Public Transport

Metro or Subway

The most prominent, fast and cheapest way of traveling in Buenos Aires. There are six lines that are connected to different spots for commercial, tourist and residential uses. You should mostly use the tourist line to reach your destination.

The metro provides seven – day service but there is a slight variation in time at the weekend. From Monday to Saturday the metros will be at your service from 5 am to 11 pm. Whereas, on Sunday service starts from 8 am to 11 pm. The trains are crowded during the rush hours.

It is always recommended to the traveler to be aware because it gets very hot and congested in the summer season. Most importantly, keen eye around you when you are in the metro as there are pickpockets.

The metro pass with cost you around $0.29 for 10 trips. So you see it is pretty much a cheap bet when you are traveling on a budget. If you need a faster option, then choose to go by subways.



The roads of Buenos Aires are filled with taxis. For a convenient move from one place to another, a better option can be a taxi. Moreover, the taxi rides of tourist cost around $5 to $10 but if you hire a radio taxi then the fare will be even lower than this. You can recognize the radio taxis with the plastic box on the top of the roof of any car.

There are even cabs available so you can even go for that. All you need to do is to search for the word ‘libre’ on the windshield. later wave your hand and they will be at your service. However, your hotel can even manage taxis on your request. This is comparatively an easy way. All that you need to do is inform the hotel authority about your destination and time.



Buenos Aires has ‘24 hours’ bus service and there are approximately 140 bus lines. The fare depends upon the distance but it starts from $0.029. the fare is taken in the bus so you do not have to run to any bus counter to pay the money.

The bus drivers are very friendly, they will let you know the price and inform you when to get off. But the only problem that you might face, is the language. Most of the bus drivers speak Spanish. So before you set off for your trip to Argentina, try to learn some words that might help you.



Hostel prices:

In most popular hostels like Milhouse hostels and San Telmo hostels you have to spend 15 to 30 USD per night. Usually, in Buenos Aires, hostels start at about 10 USD range for a large 8-person dorm room. For booking a private room with a shared bath you will have to spend around 35 USD per night.

Hotel prices:

Hotel prices usually start around 30 USD for a single bedroom whereas for a double bedroom it will cost you a minimum of 35 USD. Most of the hotels of Buenos Aires offer you free WiFi and breakfast within the price. Some hotels provide you with more lucrative offers.

If you are willing to stay at a luxurious hotel, then you must go for Regal Pacific Buenos Aires or Savoy hotel. Regal Pacific Buenos Aires hotel provides you a double bedroom with a staggering price of 120 USD whereas Savoy hotel will save you 35 USD. That means, you have to spend 85 USD if you want to spend a night in the Savoy Hotel.


Buenos Aires Destination

La Boca: 

La Boca Neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina
La Boca Neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The first thing that pops out of our head when talking about La Boca is Tango. The neighborhood of La Boca maintains its tango tradition for a long time. This form of dance is so much popular in this place that there are some clubs which teach Tango to the tourists without charging even a single penny.

There are top two touristic landmarks in La Boca. One of these is Caminito and the other one is Boca Juniors Stadium.

Caminito is named after a very popular tango song. This song was composed by a renowned singer namely Carlos Gardel. Caminito stands for the little walkway. It is indeed a little place with an open-air tango museum and arts market.

Those who are the fans of soccer sport, visiting Boca Juniors stadium would be a charm for them.

Most of the people of this world know Argentina because of Maradona and Leonel Messi. Soccer is in the blood of Argentineans. Even if you don’t love to watch soccer, it would be a great experience for you to visit this stadium. It is suggested to enjoy a soccer match live, seating in the gallery of this stadium if you get a ticket of a soccer match.


Puerto Madero:

Puerto Madero an Image Beautiful when lit up at night
Puerto Madero an Image Beautiful when lit up at night

The most promising and shiniest place of Buenos Aires in Puerto Madero. People also call it the barrio of Buenos Aires. You will see a plethora of Lofty skyscrapers and refabricated brick warehouses which are being used as offices, hotels, and restaurants. The promenades beside the sea which are cobbled, give a pleasant feeling to the pedestrians.

There are a variety of restaurants and shopping malls in Puerto Madero. The exclusive yacht club has a prominent history and tradition in Argentina. You can visit this club as well. Another touristic place of Puerto Madero is the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve. The green space with a lot of different plants give the tourists some spaces to inhale fresh air.


Delta Del Tigre:

Delta Del Tigre In Beunos Aires
Delta Del Tigre In Beunos Aires

The scenic beauty of Delta del Tigre is mesmerizing. It is full of green trees and colorful houses. One should reserve at least one day for visiting this beautiful place while traveling Buenos Aires.

And if you visit this place, it’s a must to take a ride by the Catamaran. This excursion will make you revived and energized.



Palermo park of Buenos Aires
Palermo park of Buenos Aires

If there is one place in Buenos Aires which is the safest in both day and night to roam around as well as where there are plenty of things to do, then it must be Palermo. While visiting Palermo you must go top three touristic attraction of this place. They are Plaza Serrano, Botanic Garden, and Bosques de Palermo.

Plaza Serrano is surrounded by restaurants and pubs whereas Botanic garden has got more than five thousand plant species with a 170 years old national Monument.

On the contrary, Bosques de Palermo is a park which is one of the top destinations for tourists who visit Palermo.


Plaza De Mayo: 

Plaza De Mayo in Buenos Aires the most important political landmark of Argentina.
Plaza De Mayo in Buenos Aires the most important political landmark of Argentina.

Argentina declared its independence in 1810. Since then Plaza De Mayo has become the most important political landmark of Argentina. A plethora of political demonstration started from this place which is significantly important in Argentina’s history.

The presidential house which is referred to Casa Rosada is located here in Plaza De Mayo.


Traditional Food

The best known traditional food of Buenos Aires is a tender steak and a bottle of Malbec. But Buenos Aires is even a pasta land. By this, we mean that you will find Italian cuisine in every corner of the road. The restaurants serve pasta, pizza, gelato as their main course. This is because of the influence of the Italian immigrant who landed to Argentina in the 19th century.


Here is a list of restaurant you can dine to get the full essence of the food that Argentinians have on a daily basis.



If you are a food lover, then this place is for you. this restaurant is the house of innovation. The chefs try on exceptional dishes and serve it to the people. the people of Buenos call this place as the spot of food art. It is a high – end restaurant. The cost of a per meal in this restaurant is around 150 US Dollars.

Address: San Telmo, Salta 1050, Buenos Aires, Argentina  


Don Julio

Don Julio is one of the popular restaurants in Buenos Aires. It serves the city’s best grill. If you want to try out the core dish of Argentina, then you must not miss visiting this place. This restaurant will give you a vintage look by its décor. Moreover, you have to reserve your seats beforehand to dine in this restaurant. It is so popular that it’s hard to find seats if you go without a reservation. The cost of a per meal in Don Julio starts from 60 US Dollars.

Address: Palaermo Viejo, Guatemala4691, Buenos Aires, Argentina 



It is a low-end restaurant with Argentinean cuisine. The is even a small restaurant with a small menu. However, the food here is outstanding and very popular among the tourist. This restaurant will give you a small town feel with chalkboards and a low table to dine in. the cost of a per meal in dada starts from 25 US Dollars.

Address: San Martin 941, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Nightlife in Buenos Aires

If you are an all-night party lover, then Buenos Aires is a destination that will never disappoint you. Starting from brooding dance halls to booming nightclubs, there is everything that you need to satisfy your nightlife wants. The nightlife in Buenoss Aires is at peak during Thursday’s to Saturday and on other days those locations organize amazing operas and theatre shows.


Here is a list of bar and clubs that you must surely check out on your visit to Buenos Aires.


It is one of the well-known bars in Buenos Aires but it is more trending because of its prohibition theme. This bar has a vintage look to it with low light and smoky environment. To enter this bar, you need to collect the password from their Facebook page to get an entry pass the hulk alike doormen. This is a high-end bar and the cost of one shot of cocktail is around $45.

Address: Palermo Hollywood, Arevalo 1443, Buenos Aires 



Croba is an established mega club n Buenos Aires. Entering this club will grant you the feeling of Mr. Gatsby’s party (if you are a Great Gatsby reader). You will hear Latin to classic rock and mainstream house music playing in the background. The refreshments and meals are very grand in this club so if you wish to pay a visit to be sure that you have enough to spend.

Address: Palermo, Marcelo Freyre S/N, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Teatro Colon

If you want some serenity at night, then you can head on to this place. Teatro Colon welcomes a guest who loves classical music. If you are lucky enough you can even relish Tango here. Moreover, the shows are majestic due to the surroundings.

Address: Centro, Cerrito 628, Buenos Aires, Argentina