Image of Cambodia, Beautiful and Stunning place to see
Partial Image of Cambodia, Beautiful and Stunning place to see

Best Things to Do in Cambodia


Cambodia is a sumptuous country located in southeast Asia. This country is recently visited by a lot of tourists. While I was research for my next destination, I was determined that I wanted to visit a destination where I will find tranquility and peace.

However, my search has ended in Cambodia. While I was surfing through the picture of various places in Cambodia I was mesmerized by its beauty. But trust me the pictures do not do complete justice. The original beauty is beyond any words. I have accumulated some of the things that I have experienced in Cambodia. Hope my readers will even love them as well.

Here we go!!!


First, Go for Biking

Cambodia is Green Everywhere
Cambodia is Green Everywhere

It is green everywhere when it comes to Cambodia. Starting from lush green lands to temples and relaxing ambiance to tourist-friendly locations. It is the best place where you can find your bond with natures.

When I first visited Cambodia, I was so touched by the greenery and the tranquility it granted me. On the other hand, if you want to acquire the complete aura of the locations in Cambodia then cycling is the best option in that case.

Interestingly, cycling is the most popular activity in Cambodia for backpackers. Cycling through the peaceful trails will take you far away from the busy and chaotic city life.

You can have an amazing view of the Elephant Terrace, Ta Prohm, Bayon, and many other temples. I wanted to take an escape from the everyday city life of mine and the biking was my first step towards it.


Witness the Apsara Dance

For the people who love art, theater, dance and vibrant shows Cambodia has a lot to offer them. The traditional Khmer Performance is the best thing to experience in Cambodia. It is basically a traditional dance where the dancers devote their performance to the god and goddess.

The root of this dance performance is directly linked to the mythological background. The dance performances that we witness today in Cambodia are the modern and unique forms of it. The Khmer Performance is based on a certain storyline which is narrated by some flexible and attractive performers with attractive and colorful attire.

This dance performance does not have any loud music. Moreover, you will feel a sense of serenity by the tones produced by the musicians. I love to experience different forms of art and this was a completely new experience for me.


Cruising But In A Different Style

Cambodia is Fine and Very Beautiful Place to Travel to
Cambodia is Fine and Very Beautiful Place to Travel to

While we think about cruising, the first thing that comes to our mind is the huge ships with many luxurious services. But cruising is different in this part of the world. Cambodia, as I mentioned earlier, is a divine place of beautiful places.

Cruising here has a completely new experience. On the other hand, cruising in the Mekong is a completely serene experience. You will not find luxurious ships there, but you will be accompanied by traditional boats that will provide you a relaxing journey.

the beautiful moment of my whole journey was the sunset that I have witnessed from the boat. If you are lucky enough then you can surely encounter some amazing aquatic mammals.

The feeling of seeing these wonderful beings are truly splendid. You should head towards the Phnom Penh to experience the excellent cruising experience.


Try Out Cambodian Cuisine

Cambodia's Cuisine Will surely be a Paradise for you if you Love Seafood
Cambodia’s Cuisine Will surely be a Paradise for you if you Love Seafood

The route to a man’s heart is food. Yes, this is a long saying. But I wouldn’t deny that this is even my case as well. I like to try out different cuisines of different places. In my traveling journey, I have tried a lot of different cuisines.

But I must say that Cambodian cuisine is one of the best cuisines that I have ever tried. The main item of Cambodian food is rice and fish. Rice is the staple food of Cambodian people and according to them, they call their cuisine as “cuisine of contrast”.

The dishes are not limited to fish and rice whereas, there is a lot of variations in this cuisine. One of the best items that I have tried out is Fish Amok. It is actually a steamed coconut fish in coconut leaves. The taste of this dish still lingers in my mouth and I will have a lot of it when I visit Cambodia very soon.

Cambodia will surely be a paradise for you if you love seafood. I wasn’t a seafood lover before my trip to Cambodia had changed my view about seafood. This country is one of the best places for seafood lovers.


Explore The Phnom Penh Palace

The Phnom Penh Palace of Cambodia has witnessed different timelines of Kings
The Phnom Penh Palace of Cambodia has witnessed different timelines of Kings

The star attraction of Cambodia is the Phnom Penh Palace. This splendid palace was built in the year 1860. This palace is so wonderful that you will want to stay there for a long period of time. This palace is not just a beautiful glittery structure rather this architectural beauty exhibits a lot of history.

This palace has witness different timelines of kings and queens. In the memory of the ancient kings, a silver Pagoda stands still adjacent to the palace. There is even a tropical garden where you will find different types of plants.

If you are lucky enough then you will surely find some fruit in the beautiful trees as well. But that it a seldom occasion. When I visited Cambodia, I could not find fruits in the trees, but I was not disheartened.

Moreover, neither will you be. The outer beauty of the palace will make you happy and pleased. The Phnom Penh Palace is one of the most visited locations in Cambodia.