Sydney Australia Beautiful Image of this City!
Sydney Australia Beautiful Image of this City!

Best places in Australia you will love to tour.


We all need to work but we all need a break too. Taking a break from our tight schedule is very healthy according to medics, it is true that people who take breaks at their jobs are far much productive than workaholics. To really get your mind refreshed you will need to take a tour while you are in your brake, it doesn’t make sense to keep working at your home office. That is not even a break that is transfer of work from your work office to your home office. It is advisable then to find a good place to travel to.

Australia has of late become a priority country when it comes to tourism. Well, this is a country and a continent on its own too, it is surrounded by waters, not just any waters but two oceans, that is pacific and Indian oceans, that means it is just the biggest island in the world. Australia has just very many places to tour, you won’t even finish, and the country itself is surrounded by oceans which have beaches almost everywhere on the boundaries. The country has several national parks too and islands that can be a perfect destinations for touring. Here are the most interesting places you can visit in Australia


Sydney Australia's Famous Sydney Harbor Bridge
Sydney Australia’s Famous Sydney Harbor Bridge

1.  The famous Sydney Harbor Bridge.

This is just one of the most well known features in Australia, I mean, how can you talk about Australia without talking about Sydney Bridge? If you never heard of it just keep in mind that is the world’s largest steel arch bridge built back in 1932, it is 500m long. The bridge is not as small as you think; it has eight lanes for traffic, a pedestrian path and two railway lines. Amazing right? If you reached here you would want to spend a whole day just looking at the wonderful structure.


Sydney Australia's Bondi beach.
Sydney Australia’s Bondi beach.

2.  Bondi beach.

Whether you are a fan of beaches or not, you just can’t resist the charms of this beach, this beach is the home of surfing, forget about getting excited with surfing on TV, you can get thrilled by the live surfing at Bondi Beach if you never surf, but if you do surf, you will spend your whole day here surfing. The beach has a coastline of 6 kilometers just in case you want to stroll around. There are cafes around, skate parks, ocean pools among many recreational features; it is just like a whole fun village.


Beauty of Kakadu National Park in Australia
Beauty of Kakadu National Park in Australia

3.  Kakadu national park.

This park has a collection of the most thrilling areas, you can think they were lifted from somewhere and put in one place. This is actually the second largest park in the whole world and the largest in Australia. The park has a collection of features which include; waterfalls, wildlife, ancient rocks among many other amazing things, well I don’t think I should give you a spoiler but this is the most amazing place to visit in Australia.


Australia's Cradle mountain lake st. Clair National Park
Australia’s Cradle mountain lake st. Clair National Park, World’s most Beautiful mountain!

4.  Cradle mountain lake st. Clair National Park

This is specifically for nature lovers, you won’t get disappointed here, from amazing lakes to thick forests, and mountains, and you can explore anything of your choice here. Hikers can enjoy climbing these mountains which really give you a great view of Lake st Clair and the highlands, quite a nice view from the mountain top.


Australia The great ocean road
Australia The great ocean road a must visit on your vacation!

5.  The great ocean road.

This is a road built along the gold coast of Australia, how spectacular! You can drive around the ocean just for 300 km on a road. Along this road there is a national park called Port Campbell National park which you can check in too. The road has amazing winds and a clear view of the ocean. There are rock formations on the shores of the lake as you move along the road.


Australia's Fraser Island Natural theme park
Australia’s Fraser Island Natural theme park

6.  Fraser Island

This is just one of the many islands in Australia; it is the largest sand island in the world, with a fine beach, which makes it the biggest sand beach in the world too. When you reach here, you are out to see the best that the world can offer. The island includes the very best clear water lakes and creeks for people who are interested in scuba diving. It has a diverse variety of plants and animals and also you get to see the best of marine life.


Australia's Daintree National Park Far North Queensland
Australia’s Daintree National Park Far North Queensland

7.  Daintree National park

This is among the most ancient national parks with the most indigenous vegetation, the park has 1800 species of plantation which are purely indigenous not planted, it is actually the oldest park, it has a unique variety of animal species that you cannot find in any other part of the world.


8.  Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

It was established in 1975 to protect the ecosystem, that is, the corals and reefs that are present in this marine park. This is one of the biggest marine parks with a size of 2300 kilometers. It has over 1600 species of marine life and what makes it more fun is that it has a viewing station that has an underground glass that enables you to view marine life; you really don’t need to be a diver to see this.


Beautiful Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia
Beautiful Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia

9.  Uluru-kata Tjuta National Park.

This is the best site for photographers because of the presence of a monolith which protrudes out of the ground and rises 348 meters above; this is a spectacular feature that you won’t stop observing. This can be a perfect destination to visit when you just land in Australia.


Australia's Beautiful Kangaroo Island Is one place to Visit!
Australia’s Beautiful Kangaroo Island Is one place to Visit!

10.  Kangaroo Island.

From the name, this island is a home of kangaroo, you can enjoy the view of kangaroo on the shores, and also there are penguins. The island is a very good diving spot with very many marine creatures that you get to observe since the waters are very clear. This is the destination you won’t miss to visit.