Ancient Rome in Rome, Italy Was Not Built In A Day
Ancient Rome, Was not built in a day! Fabulous Place To Visit!
Ancient Rome in Rome, Italy Was Not Built In A Day
Ancient Rome, Was not built in a day! Fabulous Place To Visit!

Ancient Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Ancient Rome, a name that lingers in the history books till date. When I first decided to visit Rome, all that I could imagine about the place was old ruins of architecture and statuses of philosophers. I could even think of churches that have grown old with time. Whereas, even people who still talk about their history with great pride.
Ancient Rome is the holder of the biggest civilization that human history has experienced. Back in the eighth century BC, Ancient Rome was a small town on the bank of Tiber River in Italy. It is said that a pot attains its shape only after extreme heat and pressure. Hence, this was even the case with Ancient Rome as well.
This infamous place dwelled up with its existence from nowhere, it had to undergo several trails and battle to reach a position it is now. There has been numerous wars and countless military campaigns one after another so that Rome could be a historical hot spot. This place of Caesar has burn in fire and washed in water to be stated as the Ancient Rome of all times.
The realization that I have gone through after visiting Rome is that there is no place like this on earth. All you see here is history with the finest mist of mystery in it. You will find the exquisite blend of modern times and ruins of the Ancient times. It would not only be the museum that is the center of attraction, but even the facts of this place will amaze you.

Starting from the lifestyle to the specular battles and from leaders to the emperor, let’s take a brief walk to the facts that have shaped the structure of Ancient Rome.

Here it is!!

Attire That Will Take You Behind the Bars
During Ancient times, people were more inclined towards clothing which were easy to wear and comfortable to use. This was even the case with Ancient Rome. The people of Ancient Rome wore two types of clothes, one being the Tunic and the other being the Toga. On the other hand, these both types of clothing were used to define two different sects of the Roman society.
The Tunic was the dress code used by slaves and non-citizens. And it was only during the leisure hours that the Roman citizens use to wear Tunic. On the other side, Toga was the standard dress for the citizen and the upper-class people. It was a matter of pride for the people who attained the authority to wear this attire.
The Toga was worn during the special state occasions and this clothing of Ancient Rome resembled as modern-day tuxedos. Togas were not as comfortable as Tunic when compared to the design and texture. Never the less, Romans loved wearing Togas to show cast power and status that they have gained over the years.
The Toga was primarily of two colors, white and purple. In Ancient Rome, purple was considered the color of royalty and only high officers were allowed to wear. It was considered as an act of treason if any common man has worn the purple Toga.

Concrete That Still Exists
Ancient Rome is well known for the foundations it has laid and the advancements it has made in the field of architecture. There are a number of monuments that still stand straight in the land of Rome. It is from the Roman architectural ideas that the recent ideas and technique of building structures have been borrowed.
It is for the long lasting and strong build that the Roman concrete is still well known. Back in those days, the workers of Ancient Rome did not have specialized instruments but what they had was intelligently build techniques.
You will be amazed to know that the pieces of Roman concrete still exist in the depth of the Mediterranean Sea and it’s been 2000 years now. Surprisingly, these pieces are more durable and environmentally friendly than the one we have today. The building and monuments that are built in the recent times might only last for the upcoming century but this was not the case with the Roman buildings.
The Rome of today is filled with both Ancient and modern structure but is surely hard to tell how long will the modern structure hold to the land. Romans surely had their eyes set on the future and this can only be understood by the actions they performed.

The First Supermarket
We all rush to the shopping centers when we are in need of something. Whether it is clothing or groceries, shopping centers are always there for our rescue. But where did the first idea of shopping mall generate? And what was the name of the first shopping mall?
Ancient Rome was the center of innovative ideas and it was surely in Rome where the idea of shopping mall first generated. Ancient Rome had all kind of shops and people could buy the desired product from these shop which was placed here and there. But in 107-110 CE during the reign of Trajan things changed as a whole.
The Romans constructed a complex of buildings and there they began to sell the products of daily needs. This place was so large that you could find everything that you desire. It consisted of big and small shops but now shopping was easy for the people of Rome as everything was in one location.
Later the premise was named the Trajan Market and this market had 150 shops in it. The products that were sold in the Trajan Market came from different areas of the Roman empire. Vegetables and fruits, oil and wine, fish and spices were the common and most popular food items sold in this complex.
I could not find the shops in Trojan Market but I surely found the premises. Since it was constructed with Roman concrete and Roman engineering skills, therefore, this structure still stands the battle of time and gives a defining proof of the durability of Roman architecture.

NO to The Lefties
Discrimination towards the left-handed people is nothing new to our society. Every tool that we use in our day to day life is made considering the comfort of the right-handed people. This prejudice was a long dominating biased idea that was even a part of the Ancient Roman society as well.
According to a statistic, 90% of the Roman society consisted of right-handed people and where there is dominance, there is power. Whereas, these dominant groups use to consider the left-handed people to be unlucky. Matters in Ancient Rome turned out to be worse when these people were portrayed as evil.
This was not the case at the beginning, Romans were in favor of the left-handed people. But it was after the Greek influence that things started to change gradually. According to the Greek culture, the left-hand dominant people were considered as “evil” and “unlucky”. Hence, in no time the favor turned in a curse.
Romans had taken this matter so seriously that they wore their wedding ring on the third finger of their left hand to keep evil spirits away. Time changes and so does people, but there are some superstitions that our society could not overcome yet.

The Insane Emperor
We all are well aware of the proverb that “with power comes responsibilities”. But in the history of Ancient Rome, there is an incident were his proverb fails to justify its point. Ancient Rome has seen many brave emperors but it would not be wrong to state that Ancient Rome has even seen challenging emperor as well.
But what was actually the issue? Cross-dressing is something that we have encountered in the dramas of Shakespeare. But did you know that it even existed long before that? Yes, it was during the Caligula’s reign when things were different and notorious as well. Though his reign did not last for long it still has its mark in the history of Rome
This emperor dressed as a woman made his appearance in public gathering. He even showed his disrespect towards the Toga which was the state uniform during that era. He always preferred silk gowns rather than any other attire. Things even turned worst when he instructed his guards to use feminine hand gestures to address each other.
People of Ancient Rome were sure that power has made him insane and there must be something done to get rid of this insanity. As horrendous was his actions so was his end, he was murdered by the Praetorian Guards and some senators left him on the street of Rome until his body was rotten.

These facts about Ancient Rome provides us with a picture of the Modern Rome of today. Rome began its journey towards a bight civilized nation with small gradual steps and these facts are a perfect example of the saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. When you decide to visit Rome, remember that not only its beauty will enchant you but its history will even amaze you in every aspect. I have been driven away with the enhancing trait of this wonderful state and I know you will experience the same too.