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watching Thai Kickboxing: An ultimate evening in Phuket: What makes Muay Thai so popular in Thailand?


There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Southeast Asia. The country, its people, food, culture, beaches are all fascinating. Each year over 32 million people visit Thailand for spending a relaxing holiday. I visited Thailand many times and explored the surrounding islands too. During my last trip to Thailand, I learned about Thai Boxing, Thailand’s National Sports. The world recognizes this game as Muay Thai. I was astonished and excited after watching the sports as it looks like American kickboxing, but in reality, there is a vast difference. It watched live Muay Thai matches at the Patong Boxing Stadium located just near to the Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand’s most lovely island. Over here, I am unlocking from my travel memories about Thailand’s national sports explaining what makes Muay Thai so popular in Thailand.

But before I proceed, let me tell you what are the exact difference between a Muay Thai fight and an American Kickboxing.


A deeper insight about Muay Thai: What’s the difference between Muay Thai and American kickboxing?

I am sure you all must have seen American kickboxing, right? Apparently, in both the games players fight on the stage wearing boxing gloves using punches and kicks. However, American kickboxing uses a four-point striking system i.e. punches and kicks but in the case of Thai Kickboxing, it’s a different act altogether. Muay Thai is a special fighting technique that uses an eight-point striking system i.e. punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Thai’s often call it as the art of eight limbs because learning the techniques to play this game is actually an art.


An ultimate evening in Phuket watching Thai Kickboxing at Patong Boxing Stadium, Phuket

I don’t know from where to start about my experience of watching a live Muay Thai fight at Patong Boxing Stadium, Phuket. That was my first day in Phuket, and I enjoyed the whole day exploring the island and its beauty. Honestly speaking, I was tired after the whole day’s thrilling excursion exploring Phi Phi island, Phi Phi Don, etc. I am obliged to my travel partner who actually insisted me to watch this unique action-packed game, Muay Thai. It was half-passed eight and we quickly called a Tuk Tuk that took us at the Patong Boxing Stadium, the venue for watching this thrilling game.

Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights from 9 PM Patong Boxing Stadium, Phuket hosts Muay Thai matches. The moment we entered the stadium, we were thrilled as it was full of cheerful spectators. I was rather surprised to see that other than Thai Fighters, there were so many international Muay Thai fighters. My travel partner informed that the game is so popular, international travellers visit Phuket and join Muay Thai training camps to learn this special martial art fighting techniques. The whole atmosphere was electrifying with live English commentary. The initial rounds started with young fighters and as the game progressed, experienced fighters joined setting the stage on fire. Every match has five rounds and each round lasts for three minutes with every single moment filled with an ultimate thrill and excitement. Suddenly I looked at my watch and realized we already spend over two hours watching the Muay Thai matches. They were so much captivating that we never realized how time passed by. We left the place around 12 PM with some heart-warming memories to cherish forever.


The Final Thought

If you are still thinking about what makes Muay Thai so popular in Thailand, visit Patong Boxing Stadium and witness a live match. Patong Boxing Stadium is certainly one of the unique places around the world that people like to tour and visit.