Image of Aberdeen, Scotland, Amazing City
Image of Aberdeen, Scotland, Amazing City to Travel to and Tour and Visit!

Amazing Places to Visit in Scotland


If you are in search of exploring a place that has mind blowing landscapes and amazing fortress top the hills then Scotland is the right spot. Only by spending some time in Scotland you will realize that it has its own unique beauty.

This beautiful country is has breath taking highlands, craggy coastlines, monuments, forts and reminders of the past battles. So, here we are with some amazing places that you can visit in Scotland. These places are not just beautiful but even have stories of its own.

And here we go!!



This place has a staggering 165 miles of coastline including a sand beach. It is a port city of Scotland. Most of the buildings of this city made of silvery-grey granite. These stones sparkles when the ray of sun fall on it. This is why, people call Aberdeen the silver city with the golden sand.

There are about 300 castles in Aberdeen shire with 55 golf courses. These are what make Aberdeen so special for the tourists.


Scotland Spittal of Glenshee in the Cairngorms National Park
Scotland Spittal of Glenshee in the Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park:

This national park is not an ordinary park like other parks that are situated in Scotland. There are a plethora of reasons why one should explore this park.
In my opinion, you won’t be able to explore half of this park, even if you stay here for one week.

Well, it’s because this park is the largest national park in the U.K. Size of this national park is about 4,528 square kilometers which is twice the size of the Lake District national park.

This park is popular for its evergreen beauty. What does not exist here?
Lakes, rivers, a lot of mountains, forest paths- you will find everything in this beauteous national park.

There are even a number of small villages and towns situated within the park. You must visit some of those to explore the other dimensions of Cairngorms national park.
As this park offers a number of accommodation options, one must allot two to three days to stay in this place.


Scotland National Museum
Scotland National Museum

National Museum of Scotland:

It is kind of compulsory to know about the history and story of a place while visiting it. The national museum of Scotland provides you with a lot of information and historical event that Scotland went through.

You will get to know the prehistoric session of Scotland on the ground floor of this museum. It will offer you the history of the first settlers of Scotland who lived there for centuries.

On the second floor, you will know about the historical heroes of this country. It will help you to understand the origins of Scotland. This large museum is located at Chambers Street. And the most amazing thing is you won’t have to count even a single penny to get entrance to this museum. It’s absolutely free for the visitors.


Edinburgh, Scotland National Gallery
Edinburgh, Scotland National Gallery

Scottish National Gallery:

Scottish national gallery is a pilgrimage for the artisans. People who will love to explore the evolution of the arts and culture of Scotland, Scottish national gallery would be a holy grail for them.

To see the masterpieces of Raphael, Cezanne, Velazquez and Van Gogh, one must visit this national gallery. Certainly, this will be a lifetime experience for you.


Sctoland's Love Loch Lomond, Premier holiday and day to celebrate
Sctoland’s Love Loch Lomond, Premier holiday and day to celebrate

Loch Lomond

You are traveling to Scotland but you are not exploring the beauty of the largest lake of Britain; this is not fair at all.

Loch Lomond is considered to be the largest lake in Britain which is just a short drive northwest of Glasgow.


Scotland's Orkney Island Explore These Islands they are Magnificent to see!
Scotland’s Orkney Island Explore These Islands they are Magnificent to see!


Orkney is consisted of 90 different islands whereas twenty of those are inhabited. This is a beautiful archipelago of the north coast of Scotland.

This place was ruled by the Roman Empire for a couple of centuries. That is why you will see the touch of the roman dynasty on the palaces and houses of Orkney.

You will see seals and puffins in the sea shore very often. There are a variety of museums and art galleries as well.

In a nutshell, Orkney is a place which must be discovered while traveling to Scotland.


Glasgow, Scotland Image of the City!
Glasgow, Scotland Image of the City!


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. But does it make it special? Well, no. the places and entities that make Glasgow special are Beautiful river, palaces and seaport.

The seaport observed a large number of historical even as it was very much important for shipbuilding and trade with North America. Glasgow offers a plethora of musical events to the music lovers. This city hosts around 140 musical events every week! Is not it amazing?


Stirling Scotland, Stirling Castle
Stirling Scotland, Stirling Castle and Image of the City!


In the central Scotland, this city is located. In this city wolf is an honored animal. According to the legendary stories, Once Vikings tried to invade the city. They planned to attack Sterling at night. But all of their plans were in vain as a wolf howled when the
Vikings were about to attack the city.

The wolf alerted the villagers about the attack. That is how the whole city was saved by a single wolf. And this is the reason why the inhabitants of Stirling love wolf with their life.

From this story, you must have gotten the visual imagination how Stirling will look like. This is an ideal place to see a medieval Scottish town.


Glencoe Scotland, The Ballachulish Hotel and Image of Part of the City
Glencoe Scotland, The Ballachulish Hotel and Image of Part of the City


Glencoe is the most popular valley of Scotland. The astounding beauty of Glencoe will serenade your body and soul. This glen is nestled between mountains and hills.