About Me - Traveling Is The Life
About me and traveling!
About Me - Traveling Is The Life
About me and traveling!

About Me

“To travel is to live.”
Hello from Hector Schiller and welcome to my travel blog.
Not everyone is destined to be a traveler, and this is a bold choice that we make for ourselves. I have never given a thought of becoming a traveler a year back but I am here now with tons of experiences and stories to share.
“Travelling is not something that you are good at. It is something you do it, like breathing” and this is what I do frequently. I travel a lot myself. This continuous process of traveling, makes me feel that the road is my home.
I have traveled all most every state in the USA and found a mystic essence in this process. It is not the phenomenon of moving from one place to another that makes traveling beautiful for me, rather it’s the culture that intrigues my senses.
I always wanted to dig into the secrets that the world contains and learn more from it. Never the less, it wouldn’t be possible without my companion. Yes, my companion The 18 Wheeler. It is due to her that I can travel from one destination to another.
It has been by my side at every stage of my traveling. Whereas, it has seen all the ups as well as the downs. I believe that traveling becomes more enchanting when you have a companion and for me, my companion is my 18 Wheeler.
What Will You Find?
Here in this travel blog, you will find how my interest in traveling has changed into a passion.
And how the roads I have taken have taught me different aspects of life.
My aim is to keep the blogs as realistic as possible because while it comes to real life, adventures are not so fancy as it may seem. I will share with you the major challenges, struggles and much more, that I have faced in the course of my journey and the journeys that are yet to happen.
Traveling is a choice that I have made for myself. It has never disappointed me and I anticipate that my travel blogs will not disappoint you as well.