A Day Trip to Mojacar Pueblo


Mojacar, a white town in Spain is a winsome location to spend some time in tranquility. This place has impressed travelers by the majestic assortment of houses, breezy atmosphere and rich history.

Once you enter this white town you will find yourself surrounded with narrow streets decorated with colorful flowers, pure white-walled houses, and mesmerizing blue sky. Yes, places like this exist in the world and to find it you will have to head towards the South coast of Spain.

The architecture of this land features Moroccan style and this is because of the Moorish ancestors who settled in Spain in the early 8th century. They left the place in the 15th century after the Christian conquest but their marks still remain on the land of Mojacar.

This White Town of Spain have faced many ups and downs in the past, starting from plague to invasions but it survived every threshold. Mojacar is now been stated as “one of the most beautiful places in Spain” and it is indeed true.

Mojacar has a lot to offer to its admirers, starting from beautiful place to beaches and food to accommodation. But let us first start with how to get to this beautiful White Town of Spain.

Here you go!!

Mojacar Spain This place has impressed travelers by the majestic assortment of houses breezy atmosphere-and rich history.-
Mojacar Spain This place has impressed travelers by the majestic assortment of houses breezy atmosphere-and rich history.-


How to Get There?

It is very easy to get to Mojacar as the nearest airport is in Almeria. All you need to do is book your tickets for Almeria Airport and then it is an hour drive to the magnificent town. From the airport, you can arrange transfers or even hire a car to your destination. But the best option is to use the airport transfers if you are a first-time traveler. They are cheap and even hassle-free.


Places to See

This beautiful White Town has a number of attractive places that you can explore on your trip. Some places remind about the history and the other offers you to have a relishing time. Here are some of them.


Town Hall Square:

Tree by Town Hall Square in Mojacar, Spain
Tree by Town Hall Square in Mojacar, Spain

It Is The first place that you can visit after you have reached Mojacar. This is mostly visited by tourist for the old giant tree, Fiscus Benjimin.  This tree was brought by an American immigrant.

The floor of the hall is decorated with Indalo mosaic and in the wall of the building, there is a two-headed Austrian household eagle. Town hall square is a wonderful place for starting the Mojacar itinerary.


San Pascual Baylon Hermitage: 

San Pascual Baylon Hermitage Mojacar, Spain, It is an Angelican church located in Angua Enmedio area.
San Pascual Baylon Hermitage Mojacar, Spain, It is an Angelican church located in Angua Enmedio area.

It is an Angelican church located in Angua Enmedio area. This church dates back to the 20th century. The church looks different from any of the other churches and it is beautiful from both outside as well as inside.


The Terreon: 

This is an old house that dates back to the 18th century. It was in this house was the gate taxes were collected by government officials. This house has now turned into a charming mansion and many travelers gravitate towards it for reminiscing the old architecture.

The Terreon is one of the picturesque spots in Mojacar and it seems even more beautiful due to the bougainvillea flowers. This old building will surely be an elegant background for your pictures if you are a photo freak.


Things to Do in Mojacar

Other than wandering in the narrow lanes and relishing the view of pearl white buildings there are a plethora of things that you can do in Mojacar. This wonderful place not only greets and welcomes history lovers but even enchants the senses of other travelers too. Here is the list of things that you can do in Mojacar.


Enjoy in The Maui Beach of Mojacar: 

After spending a good amount of time exploring the White Town now you can head towards Maui Beach, where you can spend a relaxing time. This seashore is located on Mojocar Playa. You can either take a nap on the shore or tame your hunger in some beach restaurants nearby.


Experience The Extreme Buggy Adventure:

You can make your Mojacar trip more interesting by exploring the town through bugging. If you are interested in experiencing the finest view of the countryside locations of this place, then bugging is the best solution.


Go for Scuba Diving: 

Want to enhance your skills in scuba diving? Then Mojacar is the best place to do so. It is considered to be a scuba diving hub where you can enhance your abilities of diving. Moreover, by diving at the Centro Escuela de Buceo you can witness many aquatic species and wreckage of the second world war.


Where to Eat?

After a daylong excursion it now the time to have a good meal. The restaurants in Mojacar is as beautiful as the place. But the most interesting thing that you will find in these restaurants is that they have matched their interiors with the outer surroundings.

It means that the decors of the restaurants are mild and warm in the tone which matches with the calmness of the White Town. However, here are some of the place you must try on your visit to Mojacar.


Neptuno Mojacar:

It is a magnificent restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, the best dish of this restaurant is grilled meat and fishes on firewood. Many tourists claim that it is a finger licking dish and on that note, you should surely try it. The menu starts a 9 USD in this restaurant.

Address: Paseo Mediterraneo SN | Playa del Descargador, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
Website: neptunoMojacar.com 



It is a beachside restaurant with the best quality Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant has a modern look to it and the view of the beach even makes it more attractive. Interestingly this restaurant in Mojacar has gluten-free and vegan options which you might find missing in any other places of the White Town. However, the menu starts at 11 USD here.

Address: Calle del Rio Abajo 3 | Botaniq Beach Lodge-Boutique Hotel, 04638 Mojacar, Spain



If you are on a budgeted trip and want to have a meal that won’t cost you much, then head on to Masko. It is a café in Mojacar that serves the best quality local cuisine. It in this café where you will find the authentic foods of this beautiful land. The menu starts at 2 USD in this café.

Address:  Parque Comercial, Mojacar, Spain