With summer in full swing, it is becoming easier to spot the top trends of the sunny season as you travel around the world. From whimsical tie-dye designs to classic long dresses to fun jewelry styles to flirty shoes, the summer styles of 2019 are all about comfort and personality. Here are four of the top fashion trends that are taking over 2019 and that you might see people wearing while you travel.


Whether you like or not, tie-dye is back for the summer. However, what distinguishes the current reincarnation of this trend is that the pattern is not simply limited to just cotton t-shirts any longer. Some of the hottest looks of the summer are denim and bucket hat tie-dye items. Puffer jackets with the colorful prints on the sleeves are also a must-have fashion item for the season.

Long Dresses and Maxi Dresses

The classic maxi dress is still a highlight of the summer season. The versatility of these dresses continues to make them a popular choice. You can dress these dresses up with jewelry and wedge sandals or pair them up with a pair of Converse shoes and a ponytail for a more casual look. Layering with dresses is also looking like a popular trend this year, allowing you to show some personality with this summer’s fashion.

Shell Jewelry

There is nothing that says summer like walking sandy beaches and women and men surfing the beautiful blue ocean. This makes shell jewelry the perfect accessory for this easy and breezy season. Shell stud earrings, shell charm necklaces, and delicate shell anklets are all the rage. You can find these accessories matched with casual beach wear or elevated into more premium pieces suitable for a night out on the town.

Square Toe Shoes

In another blast from the past, square toe shoes are also making a comeback. Regardless of if you choose a strappy sandal, a wedge, or a heeled look, the square toe is once again making waves. The flexible sandal easily transitions from day to night, making it a staple of the summer wardrobe. The square toe trend translates to both open and closed toe shoes.

With so many fun and flirty trends to choose from this summer, it is easy to customize your seasonal look to fit your personality and own sense of style. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new styles so be sure to have fun and get creative with your looks!

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