Traveling can lull you into a sense of complacency. It’s as if you’re immune to every possible mishap known to mankind simply because you’re on your dream vacation. But dream vacations are just that—a dream. The reality is that many people get injured and sick on vacation. Although every single unfortunate event can’t be planned for, there are some that are common enough to at least try to prevent. Here’s a look at three of them and what you can do to prevent them.


Slipping and falling at the pool or twisting an ankle on the hiking trail count as some of the most common travel-related injuries. Allianz Travel Insurance recommends that travelers be especially wary of cobblestoned streets, since they are notorious for causing people to fall.  Although people love to travel because it’s an adventure, it’s also the adventure factor that makes travel dangerous. When you travel, you are going to unfamiliar places and traversing unfamiliar terrain. Avoiding the injuries takes some forethought. When you’re heading someplace new, be sure to inquire about possible dangers. Also, exercise caution in general. Just as you wouldn’t run at the pool or cross the street without looking when you’re at home, the same thing can be said of being in those circumstances when you travel. Use caution.

Accidents While Using Paid Transportation

Traveling via paid transportation comes with its own special risks. Some are obvious. You can get into accidents or get hit by a car when you’re walking on a street. Other risks, like assault or kidnapping, are less common but could happen. Doing what you can to prevent these issues is the first step. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you do get into an accident. According to Abels & Annes, dealing with the aftermath of an accident while using a taxi service is much like that of any other vehicular accident: get medical attention if necessary, collect evidence, and obtain contact information from witnesses and those involved. As far as getting into a vehicle with a driver you don’t know, it’s best to travel in groups. If you must travel alone, then take a photograph of the car, the license, and the driver, and text it to a friend. Also, read the reviews for each Uber and Lyft driver if you can. Don’t take the car if anything about the situation is questionable.

Food Poisoning

Travelers should be wary about what foods they eat. Food poisoning counts as one of the most common travel mishaps. The warmer temperatures make invisible critters, like bacteria, grow faster. Seafood and chicken are big culprits, but even fruits and vegetables can make you sick if they’re washed in water that your tummy isn’t used to. When in doubt, avoid foods that have been sitting for too long or that have been washed in unfiltered water. If you do get sick, stick to foods, like bananas and crackers, which have a soothing effect on an upset stomach, or take a few activated charcoal capsules along in case you fall ill.

The errant taxi service, the slip-and-fall, and the bout of food poisoning all count as common travel-related injuries and illnesses that can have serious consequences. While it’s impossible to avoid every spot of trouble on the road, it is possible to enjoy safer travel. It all has to do with doing a little advanced planning and being aware of your new surroundings and circumstances at all times.