15 travel tips you need to know
15 travel tips you need to know

Planning your vacation can be a daunting task, especially if you are traveling for the first time. Obviously, there are certain risks involved when it comes to traveling. One of the biggest challenges is to not spend a huge amount of money on the things that could be done at a lower price. Though you can always meet people at your destination who will guide you through your journey, it’s best to keep yourself prepared in advance.

Your next big adventure is just around the corner as soon as the current pandemic ends, but before you start the journey, remember to prepare everything the right way so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Here are the top 15 tips that every traveler should know:


1.   Look for the Cheap Flights

Always book your flight in advance when prices are lower. Traveling in peak season, such as around the new year will cost you a lot of money as compared to going in other months. Therefore, check your flights online and compare the fare of different companies before you book one.


2.    Plan Your Trip in Off-season

The biggest advantage of traveling during the off-season if; smaller crowds. That means you can easily enjoy visiting your favorites places without having to worry about tourists. But, some places witness the high number of tourist throughout the year, such as Times Square in New York. Prices of hotels and food are also cheaper during off-peak season.


3.    Travel Alone

Traveling alone gives you the freedom to visit places of your choice and do whatever you want
Traveling alone gives you the freedom to visit places of your choice and do whatever you want

Many people are scared to travel alone, and they rely on their friends and family members when it comes to planning their vacation. Let us tell you something: traveling alone is the best decision you could ever make. It gives you the freedom to visit places of your choice and do whatever you want that can get difficult sometimes when you’re traveling with someone who has a different taste than yours.


4.    Use Airbnb and Save Money on Accommodation

Airbnb is the preferred choice of most of the travelers, and we understand why. Airbnb offers travelers an online platform where they can book any kind of accommodation in the budget. From homestays to hostels to apartments to luxury resorts, Airbnb lists millions of properties to rent across the world. If you are traveling in budget, it’s highly recommended to book via Airbnb and save your money for other activities.


5.    Make a List of Activities

Plan everything in advance; the attractions you wish to visit and the activities you want to enjoy there. Make a list of everything and if possible; a schedule highlighting your things to do. It will help save your time and give you a chance to make the most of your vacation.


6.    Look for Cheap Holiday Deals

Many tour companies around the world offer cheap holiday packages such as; 3 nights in Istanbul with all-inclusive in a certain amount. These packages are not only affordable, everything is planned with a tour guide. Keep an eye for these packages, especially during this time of crisis where the travel industry is profoundly affected. Many places across the world have offered discounted deals already. One such place is Sicily Island in Italy that is offering to pay half the cost of flights and for one of every three nights stayed at a hotel if tourists visit this year.


7.    Stay for Free Through Couch-surfing

Meet and stay with locals all over the world with couch-surfing.  The platform was built for all the outgoing travelers who love meeting new people. Through Couch-surfing, you can request to stay with a local family for free. All you’ve to do is, make your profile on the website and search couch-surfers in your intended destination.


8.    Get a Map and Be Your Own Guide

You don’t really have to depend on your guide to show you around. It also adds up to your expenses. Get a map and be your own guide. The map will also help you find the hidden gems that no guide would tell you about.


9.    Eat Like a Local

Avoid fancy eating if you want to save money while traveling. Eating from a local shop is not only cheaper, but it also gives you a chance to try out some traditional local dishes which you may not find in 5-star restaurants. There are food markets in many cities across the world where you can find a variety of delicious food items in as low as $1.


10.    Get Discounts on Travel Passes

If you’re planning to visit Istanbul, you may wish to purchase the museum pass that lets you visit around ten places at a discounted rate. However, if you don’t get the pass, you’ll end up paying a lot more to enter a museum. Many tourist attractions around the globe offer such discounted passes to visitors. Check them out!


11.    Use Local Transport

Every country has a mode of transport that is relatively cheaper than renting a car. Look up at transport options and where possible travel local to save money. Try to avoid taxis as they cost you a lot more than bus or tram.


12.    Travel Insurance

If you don’t want to pay hefty bills at hospitals, get travel insurance before you leave your country. Many travel insurances cover a wide range of services. Do check with your local insurance provide and get the most suitable package.


13.    Use Your Credit Card Points for Cheap Deals

Credit card points give you huge discounts on several things. If you travel frequently, you might have already collected a lot of points which can be utilized in hotel payments or flight booking.


14.    Pack Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

Instead of packing a lot of stuff that you’re not even going to use, pack less and smarter. Make sure to keep comfortable clothes and shoes according to the weather.


15.    Plan Everything in Advance to Avoid Any Hassle

Don’t leave everything for the last minute. Instead, plan in advance and travel without any stress or hassle.

Though it is essential to plan your trip and budget, don’t stress too much about it. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Just follow our simple tips and be the savviest traveler of 2020!